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Android Q vs iOS 13: Which is More Futuristic and Equipped with Promising Features?



Android Q vs iOS 13: Which is More Futuristic and Equipped with Promising Features?

The rivalry between Google Android and Apple iOS already too old and well known to developers worldwide. The Cold War between the two OS platforms and device ecosystems surfaces every time the yearly new updates of each OS come. So, like every year, we are again facing the comparison between these two platforms. App developers and the loyalists of both platforms are already looking in askance, which of the two latest updates, namely, Android Q and iOS 13, is better.

As there is no straightforward answer to this question, at least we can venture to unveil the strengths and new features of each of these updates. Let’s explain the new features one by one.

Android Q Features

Android Q: Dark mode

Android has pioneered the dark theme or dark background in mobile apps. This was already introduced in Android Pie, and this time with Android Q, it only became better. Now the dark theme can be used by the developers almost everywhere without exception and can be found throughout the OS.

Android Q: Foldable and 5G Phone Support 

Android device makers first launched foldable phones like Samsung and LG. Now Android Q comes with full support for folding devices to help to switch between the different sizes of title fonts and aspect ratios. Android Q will also provide 5G support to all existing Android apps and APIs to help developers utilize the lightning speed connection.

Android Q: Multi-Resume Feature

Android Q will come with the multi-resume feature to help multiple apps run simultaneously.

Android Q: Vulkan Graphics API

Android Q developers will be able to use Vulkan Graphics API for the purpose of UI rendering. This is nothing but a cross-platform 3D graphics API that promises great lucid user experience.

Android Q: GSIs for Treble Support

To ensure fast-paced system updates and better compatibility, Android Q has arrived with Project Treble supporting a lot more smartphone devices. Android Q, with full support for generic system images (GSIs), will make this available across both Pixel and non-Pixel phones.

Android Q: Bubbles and Seamless Notification

Multitasking from multiple compatible Android devices running the same Android Q is another excellent feature of this new operating system. The bubble based notification messages that follow users as they navigate the app is a great engaging feature.

Android Q: Privacy features

Finally, with Android Q, Google tried to answer back its critics by bringing an array of sophisticated privacy features. The new Android Q will provide more control to the users for keeping their information private and secure. Users can also see access to information enjoyed by every single app and accordingly can control this.

iOS 13 Features

iOS 13: Privacy Features 

Apple has come with an array of privacy, boosting elements with the new iOS 13. The ‘Sign in with Apple’ button, for example, helps users to sign in to websites and apps without sharing any information. The apps needing to seek permission to know location data is another solid boost to privacy.

iOS 13: Location Data Control

The new controls to share location services and data have been a key value addition of iOS 13. The users can decide to limit the location sharing with third-party apps. Users can just reveal their location one time and can refuse to share any further.

iOS 13: Dark Mode

Apple working for some time to provide a system-wide dark mode, introduced the same with macOS Mojave last year. Finally, with iOS 13, this dark mode has been introduced to help everything, including the system settings, icons, and third party app contents appear with the dark background.

iOS 13: Revamped Map App

Finally, iOS 13 brought the Apple users revamped, fully refurbished and more close-to-reality map app with more detailed pedestrian information, precise location addresses, and more precision-driven road mapping. The look around feature if the new Map app also provides better and high-resolution street-level imagery.

iOS 13: Better Looking and More Intelligent Reminders 

Apple Reminders are now more intelligent to help users new ways of creating reminders and editing, organizing, and tracking them. It is now coming with a toolbar to manage different information, including date, time, location, flags, and attachments. The reminders with iOS 13 only became easier for use.

iOS 13: Memoji and Animoji

iOS users now can use custom emojis of their choice when communicating in chat or through messages. They can also use custom-looking Memojis and create new memories of incompatible devices. They can tweak the Memojis with new makeup, hairstyles, accessories, etc. Some new Animoji gave also been introduced to add more fun elements to messaging.


Conclusion: iOS 13 or Android Q, Which is Better? 

Finally, we are facing the same old task of making a straightforward choice between the two new updates from two mobile operating systems. While Apple mostly revamped its old features apart from coming with just a handful of new features, Android Q has offered a lot more new twists to the operating system.

In the last analysis, both are offering a really promising range of value additions and features for the app developers and users. Developers and app marketers with more emphasis on privacy control on both platforms will have to rethink some aspects of their app offerings and user interactions. The dark mode on both platforms is going to offer better readability and ease of use for on-screen content.


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