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The Best Firefox Extensions for Bloggers and Content Creators



Best firefox Extensions

Content creators and bloggers use several types of browser extensions as it helps with quicker workflow and productivity. But extensions are browser specific so what works on chrome is not suitable for Firefox and vice versa.

So let’s get into the best Firefox extensions

Firefox is the browser of choice for millions of people worldwide because of its high compatibility, layout engine, and wide range of supported languages. For content creators, here’s a list of the best extensions you can install on your firebox browser if you aren’t using them already.

ScribeFire – Best for writing

ScribeFire is undoubtedly one of the best Firefox extensions for blogging. This extension allows you to upload images and drag/drop texts from WebPages to your blog in a jiffy. ScribeFire also has features to take notes and cut down the time required to write and edit your blog posts.

Split browser blog editor and FTP uploads are other features of ScribeFire that make it great for effortless writing and blog management.

Hustle Informer – Stay on top of trends

Content creation and blogging inherently require you to stay on top of the trending topics and news if you want to be relevant to your followers. True to its name, Hustle Informer is a fantastic Mozilla web browser extension where you can access all the latest news and information, so you do not have to keep searching for it manually.

Web Developer – Top image source viewer

Web Developer is a fantastic image editor as you can view information about the image available on the web. Copyright violation is a rampant and serious issue that plagues a lot of content creators, but with the Web Developer extension, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

In addition to the view image information feature, Web Developer also makes it very easy to get the links of the images.

Lightshot for Firefox – Best for screenshots

For screenshots, you can’t go wrong with Lightshot for Firefox. With this tool added to your Firefox browser, you can take screenshots of any selected area on the web and upload them to your blog or save it to your computer/local drive.

Lightshot for Firefox can also take screenshots of videos and flash; which is very impressive. In addition, this Firefox extension also has features where you can resize and edit screenshots and draw lines, add text and resize them.

Grammar and Spell Checker – LanguageTool

A blog post riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can come across as very unprofessional to your readers. But with the Grammar and Spell Checker added to your Mozilla browser, you can keep track of and rectify any type of error and make your posts informative and professional.

Unlike a simple checker, this Mozilla browser tool also detects repeated words and the wrong use of similar words.

Video DownloadHelper – Best for extracting videos

If you are a content creator that uses a lot of videos in your blogs, Video DownloadHelper is right up your alley. This Firefox extension is the perfect tool for extracting videos from all the major video streaming platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Facebook, by simply clicking on the link. The video tools also have several formats, making it effortless to add to your blogs.

Conclusion on the best Firefox extensions

There you have it! The best Firefox extension for every category to make blogging and content creation effortless.

Alex Williams is an author, editor, and journalist. He has written for Kivo Daily, Watch Elevate, Medium, and many other outlets.