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Best in the Business – These Beer Brands Built Excellent Websites



Best in the Business – These Beer Brands Built Excellent Websites. How?

In today’s world, companies and brands selling different products cannot achieve success without an online presence. A website is created for every brand in order to attract users and highlight useful information regarding the brand that they are selling. It goes for companies selling brewery as well. Every brewery company creates a site that markets their product in their respective field.


Brewery Companies and Their Websites

Beer exists in every culture across the globe and has for a very long time. However, breweries were not as popular as they are now. In fact, they have been gaining popularity every year. The increase in popularity is because of the utilization of media and the Internet for its promotion. Every brewery company has designed their websites in a way that attracts Internet users. Websites enable them to market their product and show their production line to future and existing clients.

Many upcoming and existing companies are taking inspiration from brewery websites to design the website for their product. There are a lot of features that help brewery websites stand out among the rest.


Best Design Features of Brewery Websites

  1. Madtree Brewing Company’s website promotes the idea of simplicity. The simple design is the one that stands out. Users tend to look for sites that are user-friendly. If a site is complicated and is not efficient enough then the client is more likely to lose interest in that particular brand.  
  2. Color is another important aspect that needs to be considered. Bright colors should be avoided. Monochrome palettes look more appealing as it makes the websites look classy and every feature stands out. 
  3. The website should entail valuable content that has the capacity to force the clients to come back again. Valuable content is not only confined to the products a company is offering or the way they are arranged. It can also be in the form of a blog that can be used to communicate and get feedback from visitors. It will help companies explore what different clients like and what they wish to change about the brand.


Information That Should Be Available on the Brewery Website

The information available on the Brewery website should be relevant to the type of products a company is offering. Several factors need to be considered as far as website information is concerned. The most important ones are mentioned below:

  1. The images used on the website should be of high quality. The template of the website should be 100% responsive. A responsive website means that when a user accesses the sites, the images would automatically fit the screen that the user is using.
  2. The data and information mentioned on the website should be precise and clear. Users are not interested in reading long lengthy paragraphs regarding beer or its uses. The more clear and precise the information is, the more users and clients would access the website. The creative video that shares information regarding the beer that a company is selling can attract a lot of attention.
  3. Every brewery website should have an about us page. Few users are always interested in knowing about the brand. The about us page of every brewery website should answer a few specific questions. It should address facts like the meaning of the name of your brand, the type of beer you brew and the role that you play in the community. About us, the page will connect the company with people belonging to different sectors and age groups. 
  4. New brewery websites are offering e-commerce pages. People tend to order products within the comfort of their home. The management of the website needs to keep a check on the items in stock, exchanges, and returns, etc.


Brewery Brands With Great Website Design

Every brewery brand has designed their own website, but some of them stand out amongst the rest. Brewery brands with great website designs are mentioned below:


  1. Austin Beerworks – The homepage of Austin beer work shows different cans of beers. The information regarding each can be accessed by clicking on them. They offer a unique way of sharing information with their active clients and users.
  2. Left Hand Brewing Company – The homepage of the brewing company stands out because of its high-quality images with contrasting color combinations. An easy scroll can help the users access all the essential and important information regarding the products.
  3. Odell Brewing Company – The site offers tidbits of information on balloons that are easy to read and understand. Information is precise and clear which attracts more users. 
  4. Jackalope Brewing Company – Jackalope brewing company offers informative pages like a homepage, about us, events, and our beers page. The main aspect lacking in their website is the menu choices they are offering. 


Ways to Promote Brewery Beer Website

  1. Many new ways exist in the world today to promote the brewery beer website. One of the best ways is to start a journal that shares important information regarding the products and beers that a brewery company is offering. Sharing unique features and compelling images can attract more clients. Advertising is the best way to convey your message across.
  2. The story mentioned on the blog and website should be unique. Being unique does not mean that a company creates facts that never used to exist before. It merely means that a brewery company should be able to present their story and journey in a unique and different manner. 
  3. Websites should be created using CMS, i.e. Content Management System rather than through HTML. No one has time to decode in order to make changes in your website. The easiest way is to use CMS that allows companies to edit websites without going through the rigorous process of coding.
  4. Websites and blogs should have calendars relevant and updated according to the upcoming events of the company. Calendars can have images of old events so that clients can have an idea of how a brewery company event is organized or what it looks like. 


Creating a website is not a difficult process. The most difficult and important process is to focus on the information and presentation of the website. No matter how tasty or refreshing your beer is. A client would only consider contacting you to place an order if they feel that your product is unique. Online presence is what creates a link between a client and the brewery company. All brewery companies should keep in mind that whatever information is mentioned on the website is representing you and your brand in the world at large. Vague and long lengthy pieces of information would not get you anywhere. 


Focus on keeping the clients engaged through your online presence. The more the clients are immersed in the information and presentation of your website, the more they are likely to place an order, even if it is their first order. 


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