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Best Tips for Models on Photo-shoot



Best Tips for Models on Photo-shoot

Sometimes, in my photo-shoots with models, I find some inconveniences, which if avoided, could make the work of both the model and the photographer much easier. These inconveniences may determine the quality of the photos obtained during the photo session.

The Best Advice on Photo-Shoot

Thinking about them, I have compiled here 7 practical tips or tips, which I think can be useful for some models who aspire to become professionals someday, as for occasional models who want to have a professional photo session to have quality images.


Expressions and inns

It is possible that you have ever put faces in front of the mirror, happy face, sad, interesting, and surprised, in love … For essay issues, the mirror becomes the best ally of a model, with the advantage that we all have one within reach. If you have never used the mirror to know your interpretative skills, this is the best time to start rehearsing the expressions with which you would like to appear in your photos.

The same goes for the inns, rehearse in front of the mirror the poses you have ever seen, using Best Bridge Camera and that you like the most. It can help you look at some magazines or catalogs of clothes in which models appear, or take a look at fashion pages on the Internet.

In the following links you can see some examples of poses, both for female models and for male models: Poses for photographing women Part I and Part II. And, Poses to photograph boys.


Manicure and pedicure

The nails of the hands must be well arranged, also those of the feet if they can appear in the photos due to the type of session. It is not necessary for you to do a very elaborate manicure and pedicure, it will be enough with a transparent nail polish or a French manicure.


Eat or not eat before the Photo-shoot?

The answer is yes. Although moderately, it is better for the model to attend the photo session having eaten. It is not that you binge half an hour before starting to pose, but a light meal and a drink without gas will prevent your stomach from cracking during the course of the session.



When an appointment has been scheduled for a photo session it is important that we be punctual. If the session is going to be done outdoors, even better if we arrive 15 or 20 minutes before, this will help us to familiarize ourselves with the place where the photos are going to be taken.

Calling it the last minute to cancel a session, without a strong reason to do so, or being late to it, are attitudes that would call into question the seriousness of a model.


Makeup and Hairdresser

If the photo session includes makeup artist and hairdresser, it will save a lot of time for the model to go to it without any makeup and with dry and washed hair.

In the case that you are the one who is going to put on makeup, it is also convenient that you do it in the place where the session is going to be done, in this way you will avoid that the makeup can get damaged and that shine appears due to sweat.

Generally, the hairstyle is more versatile than the makeup, so in most cases, you can choose between going to the session with your hair already fixed, and fixing it in situ.

NOTE: if you have dyed hair (unless it has become fashionable and is what you are looking for), in no case do you take a photo session if the root of the hair has begun to appear. To a greater or lesser extent, there will be a contrast between dyed hair and the one that has started to come out with its natural color, and this looks very bad in the photos.



If the fabric of the clothes you are going to wear is not wrinkly, and the distance between where you are dressing where the photo session is going to be is not very long, you can go without problem already dressed in the clothes with which you want to go out in the pictures; and carry the rest of the molts that you are going to use on hangers. But before the slightest possibility that the clothes can wrinkle, stain or fill with fluff if you wear it; the most advisable thing is that you transport it on hangers directly, inside protective covers for clothes and that you change once you arrive at the place.


The Nerves

Some people more than others, it is a little difficult at first to be released before the DSLR with flip screen, either because of shyness or because they are simply not used to posing for a photographer.

Do not worry if you see that it costs you a bit at first, it is completely normal. In addition, if you have chosen your photographer well, he will give you security and will see as part of his work creating an atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable.