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Biometrics – Most Robust Age Verification Technology




Age verification is not a new phenomenon, however recent increase in law violation has made it more prominent. Governments and Businesses are becoming more cautious about age-restriction law. Online businesses that sell age-restricted products such as tobacco, e-cigarettes, corrosive stuff, alcohol, drugs, violent games, adult content, and dating sites need to be more vigilant.

Even though, companies have several age verification methods in a place like asking the user to tick a box when signing in, requiring ID proof when buying an age-restricted product or relying on the delivery driver to ask for ID proof while receiving an order. But these methods could easily be bypassed by minors.

When we restrict someone from some particular stuff, they become more curious to know about what is being hidden from them and chances are high that they will try to access this stuff without caring about the law. So to protect minors from accessing these stuff, high security, which is not easy to pass is necessary.


What should Businesses do?

 Without having a proper age verification system in place, online businesses or jobs could become subject to legal issues. These issues can result in hefty fines and other legal proceedings. For instance, the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) requires online sellers to have an age verification system for age-restricted products. Especially to comply with Prevent All Cigarettes Trafficking (PACT) Act, online merchants selling e-cigarettes and tobacco products have to be more careful.

If merchants selling age-restricted products use age verification solutions, this issue could be mitigated and adults could buy age-restricted products more seamlessly. By having proper age verification checks in place, online vendors could avoid getting in trouble with legal regulations.

To imply an age verification system, online vendors could contract third party age verification services. Nowadays, AI-based verification companies are assisting businesses to comply with KYC, AML, and Customer Due Diligence laws. 

Other than age, identity verification is necessary for many industries, especially e-commerce. To avoid fraudulent activities such as credit card fraud, identity theft, and data breaches companies need to perform Know Your Customer (KYC), before onboarding customers.

With the advancement in technology, new verification techniques are making the verification process more robust. For example, Biometric verification is gaining a lot of attention. Particularly, the inclusion of facial and fingerprint verification features in the smartphone has made biometric verification more convenient.    


How Biometric Age Verification can Smoothen the Processes?

The accuracy, security, and convenience that biometric verification provides can make age verification checks more robust. Online vendors could integrate biometric verification APIs into their platforms and gain competitive advantage.

Some verification services even include a liveness detection feature, which captures a live video selfie and matches it with the ID document provided by the user. The process is performed in real-time. This way it becomes more difficult for someone trying to have illegal access to age-restricted sites.

While the online business industry is progressing and expected to be one of the most valued sectors by 2030, cybercrimes and illegal usage are also increasing. The laws have become more stringent and online retailers need to perform identity and age verification checks before taking customers on board. Biometric as a mean of verification can make the verification process more robust and difficult to bypass.        


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