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blokbot: An Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Simplified for Beginners and Experts Alike



In today’s rapidly evolving world, every industry, sector, or business venture must always strive for growth, as complacency poses the risk of becoming obsolete. The advent of cryptocurrencies is forever changing the landscape for the financial sector, changing the way the world looks and handles finances. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency anchored on a decentralized system of keeping track of currency’s value devoid of the traditional regulatory bodies. However, with over 100 crypto trading platforms available to choose from, the cryptocurrency industry has been fraught with fraudulent coins and shady exchanges. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a trading platform like blokbot that makes it easy to trade the currencies you want with low fees and robust security features.

blokbot is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency auto-trading software where anyone can auto-buy and sell crypto handsfree without any technical know-how. Founded by London-based tech entrepreneurs, the blokbot software was initially built to hedge the team’s funds and investments. Still, after realizing its futuristic benefit, the team decided to share the product with the world. In less than three months since its first launch, over 248 million coins have been traded, and over $8m worth of trades have been closed. Furthermore, the platform has paired with the global cryptocurrency exchange market, Binance with almost $1m has been traded on users’ Binance account, with the lowest monthly return to date being 9.5 percent. In addition, blokbot is a highly easy-to-use exchange, significantly lowering the threshold to cryptocurrency investment, which is typically seen as confusing and convoluted.

The team behind blokbot trades with each bot algorithm, vetting it before it comes onto the blokbot platform. This dedicated approach to decluttering unnecessary options upholds the company’s reputation as the apple of the industry. With the upward trajectory of cryptocurrency in recent times, the developers behind blokbot want to democratize algorithmic trading, which is typically used by hedge funds and large financial institutions, making it simplified and manageable for experts and beginners alike. The simplified and managed system can be used by institutions, fund managers, crypto traders and the general public to benefit from algorithmic trading.

The current buzz around blokbot earmarks it as a cryptocurrency trading platform with an upward trajectory with its automated hands-free trading system. With blokbot, users can see the benefits of earning crypto through their account, helping them keep their funds safe while learning genuine investments and understanding more about automated crypto trading.

“As an organization, we’re constantly developing our algorithms to remain ahead of the fast-moving crypto industry. In the next five years, we expect blokbot to have its own wallet, range of algorithms, arbitrage bots, and be a household brand when cryptocurrency becomes the norm and a fully recognized asset class,” the team shares.

To learn more about blokbot and its algorithm trading or to sign up for your personal trader in your pocket, trading for you 24/7/365, visit the company’s official website. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest trends and pricing by following the company on  Instagram and its Telegram community.

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