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BRUNO_OFFII thinks about a combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence with an aligned goal



We have all heard about artificial intelligence and how this technology is making its place in our day-to-day life. Also, it is gaining popularity among many artists-based industries. The neural network is one of its models that is a machine learning technique which helps a computer to learn anything by observing it. This network is inspired by the nervous system of a human being therefore it performs like a human learning system. It processes the information within it and gives you the best result possible. In a simple language, it is a program that imitates the data and processes it like it is done by a human not a bot. It can be any kind of data or information. 

As we mentioned that it is growing its form in the artist-based industries, many of the artists have started using these bots and one of those artists is Denis Putilin, also known as BRUNO_OFFII. A well-known rapper from Russia. He is diligent and a very calm person. Since he is like this, he went unharmed from his depressed phase. He has a family that needs his support and a career in which he can be on the top among all the competitors. Once he was doing one of his shows, his producer came to him and showed him Klipsa, a technology made by using neural network. It is a program that is based on what you want it to do. Like you can tell him to produce any style of song in any artist’s voice. Bruno said jokingly, “write a Jay-Z verse about a future rave”. It did the exact same thing as being told. It also explained what he is doing and about the artist too. It fitted the voice and the rap so well that it ended up being a total disaster like the original one. But as he already said he was joking about it and had no intention of releasing it. Yet it was the biggest achievement for him.

BRUNO_OFFII as a genius artist, he is planning to launch many new albums and music videos in 2023. He did some recognized work for different great personalities. He is always eager to learn new things or technologies that will help him grow his career in the future. His children and wife are the big motivators for him. They are helping him to reach his goal and make them proud. He is a fan of metaverse and after this he is trying to get in touch with various developers to make this neural network accessible to as many people as possible. Because we all know that the future of humanity is going to be in the hands of AI soon. And the beginning of changes has already started. 

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