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Businesses Going Mobile With Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Businesses Going Mobile With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Mobility is the future and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM experts are aware of this fact and have extended the technology to mobile. The latest Microsoft Dynamics is a combination of both the CRM online and the on-premise editions. Another significant feature of mobile support has been extended with new apps, mobile offline support, mobile security, mobile forms, mobile themes, automatic sync, and more. In this article, we will share a few mobile enhancements and features introduced in MS Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Mobile Offline Support

Mobile app gets in the light with the 2016 release. For instance, users can use Mobile Offline Support to dig out data offline and change it accordingly. The adjustments in the data will be automatically updated when the user connects to the internet. The admin is allowed to set the segmentation to know which users can access certain data offline.

  • Mobile Security

Lots of changes have been made to mobile security in the latest Dynamics version release and Microsoft Intune Integration is one of them. Enterprises are now able to secure data instances, especially with end-users accessing CRM data from mobile devices from different locations.

There is also an option for users to separate their personal and professional data on each of their mobiles. Intune Management update assists businesses in deploying of PIN enforcement, remote monitoring, app-level selective wipe, etc.

  • Document Management in Mobile

The mobile 2016 app offers easy access to PowerPoints or Word files and that so without switching between the applications. The integration makes it simple to open all the Office 365 apps on mobile and tablets, inside dynamics.

  • Mobile forms and themes

Traditional updates were having mobile themes but no customization. The latest release makes mobile themes customization possible. Users can change theme colors, custom controls, navigation bar, and entity colors as per their choice.

During the designing of mobile forms for tablets and smart mobiles, users can preview the new layouts instantly inside web browsers.

  • Latest Mobile UI

Users are able to extend the form functionality with the latest iFrame and Web Resources for CRM mobile. A list of features is also introduced in the update – new mobile-optimized controls, calendar control, sliders, etc.

MS Dynamics with its mobile-ready Office 365, Outlook, and OneDrive is getting more mobile with the update.

Users can access their data saved in CDS or D365 Customer Engagement (on-premise) regardless of their location, using either of the following apps-

  • D365 for Phones – With D365 for phones, users are allowed to design their information architecture. The customization they introduce once will automatically flow to all form factors.
  • D365 for Tablets – Having similar functions like D365 for Phones, tablet users can have an optimized experience for bigger screens.

How to get started with D365 for Tablets and D365 for Phones?

Both the D365 Customer Engagement and Common data service apply a security privilege, D365 for mobile, to bring D365 access to phones. Here are the steps to check and assign security privilege for a role related to security-

  1. Settings > Security
  2. Security Roles
  3. Select a Security Role from the list and then click on the Business Management tab.
  4. Navigate to Privacy Related Privileges and check D365 for Mobile is set to Organization. If it is not, tap on D365 for Mobile.
  5. Click Save and close for saving the final changes to a security role

These steps can be followed by users having the installation of D365 for Customer Engagement, Dynamics CRM 2013 or later version. Users can add or remove this update from default or custom security roles as per the business requirements.

Other advanced features

  • Business Card scanning

A much-requested feature of Dynamics 365 partners is now available in the latest update. The world is going digital and business cards are the things of the past. The new feature of business card scanning allows users to scan the business card and save the details for future reference.

  • Forms and notes are enhanced

The mobile app enables users to create a note in-line while they are in a form. It allows them to view related details while drafting a note. Users can take a glance at notes without opening them individually.

    • New interface

The update is more colorful. Apps will be viewed with the latest unified interface on the mobile device of the user.

James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop a creative business system based on Dynamics 365 services & D365 for Finance and operation.