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The government of Japan will soon launch the CANADA VISA FOR JAPAN CITIZENS from the list of the eligible countries will be able to benefit from it.

This new online process is aimed to diminish the stress and constraints travelers have when they go to embassies or when they do the visa on arrival.

The new online visa Japan will be an easy and rapid process.

Follow the instructions when completing the e visa Japan by giving the correct information concerning your passport as well as your travel plan.

Canadian citizens form part of the list eligible countries and will be granted a maximum stay of 30 consecutive days.

e-Visa Japan Application Form from Canada

The citizens of Canada will benefit of the easy and quick online process of the eVisa.

After being connected online, simply fill in the Japan visa online and kindly provide the information asked.

The Japan visa online fee must be paid via credit or debit card so as to confirm your completed application and to enable our team to process it.

It is important for travelers to give a valid email address, as it is on this email address, that the approved eVisa Japan will be sent.

eVisa to Japan requirements from Canada

The following documents, must be given by the CANADA VISA FOR ITALY CITIZENS, to enable our team to process their online application.


  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • Letter of itinerary (optional)
  • Visa fee
  • Passport signed and authorized by the Canadian government. The passport should come with two blank pages where the Japan visa will be attached


Travelling to Japan from the Canada

It will cost you less money to go to Japan by plane. Travelers can book directly a flight from Toronto to the capital of Japan: Vientiane, or from Calgary to Luang Prabang. It will take approximately 20 hours to get to Japan from Canada.