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Do you keep losing your essential work equipment? Let GearEye help you keep track!



Finding lost gear could prove tough to everybody. You get to the office and start collecting your gear for your new photoshoot, and oops! You realize you forgot your lenses again and can’t remember where you placed them last. If your profession requires multiple easily lost gears, read along and learn about GearEye. The perfect gear tracking system will help you stay ahead of your worries. You don’t have to buy new equipment all the time. 

What is GearEye, and who is it for?

Julia Lerner started GearEye as an innovative gear tracking management system. Like most of us, the CEO of GearEye, Julia, had forgotten her passport. She remembered while already at the airport. Does it ring a bell? We always forget our gears and remember them just as we need to use them urgently. She then thought and came up with a solution to help others who struggle with dealing with multiple gears. That’s how the GearEye vision came to be in 2015.

Currently, GearEye Company works in installing the GearEye tracking system for professionals at the risk of losing or forgetting their essential work equipment. So if you work as a photographer, journalist, hiking enthusiast, fitness trainer, and all other professions that deal with crucial gears, GearEye will help you stay organized.

GearEye Kickstarter

If you need to identify with GearEye, then the GearEye Kickstarter page will be a great place to do so. With the current discount on their website, with a 16% off, you will get the GearEye kit for less than $300. This kit comprises the GearEye dongle and sticker tags. The tags will work on all surfaces except the metallic ones, which have modified sticker tags. Depending on the number and type of gear you have, you may settle for the GearEye kit categories available.

The GearEye Kit

The gear tags use the energy produced by the scanner in powering on their microchips. For this reason, you will require no batteries, making them convenient and portable. These tags come at different prices depending on your need and prove affordable to freelancers and SMEs.

RFID sticker tags 

The RFID dongle/scanner uses electromagnetic waves to locate the sticker’s microchips, prompting a successful location search. GearEye is identified with the RFID technology to guarantee a convenient, lightweight and brilliant gear tracking App for your daily needs. You may purchase more than one scanner from gear eye for a faster operation if you own many types of equipment. It may work best for companies that manufacture these gears too. 

The GearEye RFID scanner

You will only need one extra item to complete your gear tracking system. Your phone will make the system complete. With the GearEye App installed on your phone, you will pair your dongle using Bluetooth and get started. The GearEye website will let you have all these devices to track your gear immediately. The GearEye products will be a great way to start monitoring your valuable items in 2022. 

The four simple steps to use your GearEye

  1. Tag your gear. This process involves peeling off the gear tags and sticking them on your equipment. 
  2.  Pair your dongle to your phone. Search for the GearEye dongle and pair to create a connection using the Bluetooth settings.
  3. Search your gear. By scanning your gear tags using the scanner, you will identify them on the App.
  4. Name your gear. After identifying your tag using the scanner, go ahead and name the equipment on the GearEye App. This way, you also create lists of all your gears depending on your specific tasks.

Where can I use the GearEye gear tracking and management system?

On the go, professionals have realized GearEye’s potential in tracking their work gears over the years. These on the go professionals include photographers, journalists, hiking professionals, adventure documenting, and all professions involving traveling from one place to another. These people work with numerous gears that risk being left or lost within the cause of travel.

However, GearEye use should not get limited to these on-the-go professionals. You may also use this tracking system to:

  • Arrange your work gear if you work at home. If you work from home, especially in this pandemic time, your items get exposed to many people around the house. You may invest in your GearEye products and keep track of your valuable items. You will save a lot of time that otherwise gets used in searching for lost items. Track your computer, phone, document file, glasses, or even your product items.
  • Keep your documents and gears safe in a busy school environment. Do you work as a teacher and tend to lose your academic gear? Moving around the school with multiple gear may prove challenging. GearEye will help you keep your teaching aids safe. Move from one class to the next without the worry of losing your teaching aids, especially in a special children’s school. You may track equipment that you lent out to students and may get misplaced, especially in the library.
  • Trace your equipment in the furniture business. The furniture business involves many tools which often get misplaced, especially when dealing with many employees. This smart gear tracking management system will help your business by tracking all essential gears and never allowing you to waste time searching for them. You will have an easy time completing your customers’ orders.

Most workplaces will realize the professional planning and management of gears that GearEye brings. You may use it in any setting and come up with brilliant results.


Benefits of choosing GearEye

You will get the chance to work with a great team. 

The customer care service will amaze you. The professional team goes beyond their comfort to invent more innovative ways to make this tracking system the best.

You will get affordable tracking services. 

The cost-effectiveness of the GearEye products gets realized as the durability lengthens. This tool will serve you for years and save thousands of dollars, mainly if you apply it in a gear-losing risky business.

It proves lightweight and very convenient. 

If you travel a lot or move gears constantly from one location to another, this gear tracking solution will greatly favor you. 

You will never lose your gear again. 

With GearEye, chances of never losing your gear go very high. The App always alerts you when equipment gets missing. So, if the App runs in the background, you will always have your gear list updated. If any item goes missing, it alerts you. A prompt to search it will let the dongle direct you to its location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find GearEye?

The GearEye Kickstarter page will let you have all you need to enjoy this smart tracking management system.

What should I use to stop losing my lenses?

It would help if you had GearEye to tag, scan and locate your lenses in no time.

Is GearEye on Facebook?

Yes, you will find the GearEye Facebook page here.

Final Thought

If you keep losing vital gear, you need GearEye to track all your equipment. You will find that with GearEye, you work worry-free, conveniently, with zero losses and with an efficiently planned gear schedule.

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