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Dos and Don’ts of Maintenance of a Commercial Screen Display



Hikvision commercial display

Since technology has got the limelight, businesses have been keeping up with the best practices to compete against each other. Likewise, modern entrepreneurs quickly adapt to the shift from print billboards and banners to commercial screen displays. However, it’s more challenging than you think. While it certainly requires less hassle in creativity and management, it can be challenging to maintain the shine.

Ask yourself, how many times have you seen the cleaning staff wiping off the screens with a napkin, a shirttail, or a necktie? It just doesn’t compliment a top-notch brand outlet. Since commercial screens showcase another face to your brand marketing, keeping it crystal-clear is crucial. And that’s exactly what experts at Hikvision commercial display suggest to us.

If you’ve newly launched your outlet with a bright commercial screen to appeal to the visitors, here’s a rundown of all the dos and don’ts you must remember when cleaning it up. 

  • Do Use a Microfiber Cloth 

LEDs are light-weighted and thin but durable enough to endure to get stubborn debris off the surface without the risk of peeling. And that’s why you can wipe it off with microfiber cloth, which gets a lock on dust and debris and doesn’t let them spread around the screen.

  • Don’t Press it Down Directly. 

We get the urge to scratch or rub against the tough fingerprint, but it can cause long-term damage to the anti-gloss coating. On top of that, if you press too hard against it, there’s a possibility of damaging the lights beneath the panel. To avoid the latter part, dilute a cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol with water. Next, spray the mixture on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the spot.

  •  Do Grab a Small Hand-Vacuum

For killing any harmful bacteria and viruses, it’s allowed to sanitize your LED displays with a hand-vacuuming pump. You can make a homemade mixture of all the natural cleaning agents or get an artificial spray from a nearby store. The idea is to sanitize the screen to protect it from fatal insects and bacteria digging into the surface. Yet, take note of two pointers here. Firstly, you must always dampen the cloth and not the surface before wiping it. Secondly, since it’s a glass surface and not steel, be gentler to prevent scratches.

  • Don’t Use Ammonia-based Liquid Cleaners 

When finding the best cleaning solutions, you must avoid purchasing the ones with an ammonia element. Cleaning solutions with ammonia can damage any special and protective layer of your digital signage. In addition, you must avoid applying any window or glass cleaners to your digital screen. Most LEDs are tolerable only to light touch; using chemicals and wiping them harshly will only upset the functions. That’s why experts always suggest you stay cautious.

  • Do Watch out for Wintery Conditions

As winter is on the radar, you need to attend to the wintry winds depending on the location of your outlet. Since digital screens are supposed to be settled outside, you could deal with a back-burning wall of sleet snow. And so, the cold temperature is enough to pose plenty of risks to your commercial display, leading to a decrease in walk-in customers. With that said, you need to get customized covers for them to prevent the influence of wintry winds. Moreover, the additional care will maintain the profitability of your business. 

  • Don’t Spray directly on the screen.

While it’s quite basic, you must avoid spraying directly onto the screen of your commercial display. Not only will it severely damage the electrical components beneath the screen, but it also poses a risk of electrocution if the device is plugged in. The best you can do is to wipe off the screen with a dry fabric first, followed by a dampened cloth to finish off the job.

Final Thought

Setting up a brand outlet is more relaxed than the responsibilities that tag along. After all, owning products and services isn’t enough when you’ve no strategy for their advertisement. And that’s where commercial screen displays come to play. Yet, according to every server racks suppliers in dubai, it’ll only be good for your business if you can attend to its maintenance. In this regard, you can pull off the cleaning process seamlessly by following this guide of dos and don’ts.

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