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E-trading Platform Development for Web and Mobile



E-trading Platform Development for Web and Mobile

According to research, online trading accounts for nearly 59% of the industry’s revenue. This goes to show just how hot the industry really is. The fact that a lot of people prefer trading online brought forth the need to invest more time, energy and effort in developing the world of online trading even further than it already is.

And with constant surges in technology and new advancements being made daily, we can only expect to see even more things changing for the better. That being said, here are some of the latest trends regarding the e-trading platform development.

Advanced charting tools

For online traders, one of the most important things is being able to quickly find the information regarding the progress of their investment. While earlier traders had to sort through numerous columns of digits in order to find what they’re looking for, nowadays, charting tools are experiencing significant positive changes. While charts and graphs are still being used to this day, they are now far more intuitive and easier to navigate. Also, they offer you the possibility to customize them according to your needs, which is not something that was possible just a while ago.

User customization

On a similar note, user customization is nowadays more prominent than ever. There’s no longer such a thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for every single online trader. Nowadays, every user is presented with a dose of flexibility and customizable options that were previously not possible. Aside from customizable layouts and multiple-monitor detection and support, online traders can now look forward to the easy selection of data providers, customizable menus and drag-and-drop workspaces as well. This change and development will allow even the newest online traders to adjust their platform to their personal liking, which will make all the future trading efforts that much easier.

Research tools that use big data

Good research tools provide the user with the possibility to quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for. With the implementation of the research tools that use big data, users will no longer have to scour the internet and visit various pages in order to find the information they’re looking for. Rather, all the relevant information regarding a certain topic will be easily accessible with one single click of the button. Also, we are currently experiencing a surge of reliable online resources regarding different topics, such as the latest stock market news, useful online broker reviews and the latest news from the industry in general.

Super-fast transactions

When trading online, one of the main advantages users are presented with is speed. All the top online trading companies understand just how important fast and seamless transactions are. That’s why they do their best to avoid testing their user’s patience and offer them trading platforms that are both fast and low latency. The top players understand that even a couple of seconds delay can cost an online trader literally thousands of dollars, which is why the changes in this field are not only welcome but necessary.

Mobile and cloud-based functionality

Finally, people nowadays prefer to do everything they possibly can on the go. With such a fast-paced environment we live in today, it’s completely understandable that a modern trader finds having to sit by their computer and carefully contemplate their next move to be a waste of time. That said, modern online trading platforms are no longer expected to be fast – they need to be mobile as well. And when we say mobile, we don’t just mean being able to trade on the go. The platforms need to be optimized for mobile as well, to enable the users seamless trading experience. To enable such things, the companies will have to utilize cloud-based technologies as well. The lower the requirement to download unnecessary software or apps the better for everyone involved.


With all this being said, it’s quite obvious that serious changes – for the better – have been made in the world of online trading platforms. Companies are constantly trying to implement the latest upgrades to their platforms, providing their users with everything they need to be able to enjoy trading in the online realm without any hindrances. And the users are finally able to truly voice their opinion and have their expectations met.


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