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ECommerce Trends That Will Dominate The Online Market In 2021



ECommerce Trends That Will Dominate The Online Market In 2021

In the 90s era, eCommerce amazed the world with an online store. Today, eCommerce is worth around $3 trillion, thus indicating eCommerce’s bright future in 2021.

The retail sector has never been this profitable before like it is today. Hence, retailers and marketers are turning more towards eCommerce development.

This ensures a bright future for not just them but also their buyers. Consumers prefer convenience and comfort more than anything today. With the advancements in technology, their demands have risen, and they like making purchases online and getting stuff to their doorstep.

However, only eCommerce development is not adequate in this fierce competition. Your business should also stay updated with the latest trends surrounding eCommerce to stay ahead in the competition.


Upcoming 2021 Trends in the eCommerce Sector


1. Rise in Mobile Shopping

The eCommerce future is very bright, especially via mobile shopping. Sales from smartphone commerce will increase by 20% by the end of 2021.

The mobile device will drive 75% of sales almost for the whole eCommerce sales. Such shopping trends will be extremely beneficial for the future of eCommerce businesses in the upcoming years.

The boost in smartphones in recent years is hugely accountable for the improvement in online shopping sales. Moreover, users even use their smart devices to research about the product once before purchasing it.


2. Rise of Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is one of the most booming trends that is creating a buzz in the eCommerce world. People are now addicted to voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, etc., globally.

From booking tickets, playing songs to purchasing products, these devices complete each task of yours. Such trends are on the rise, and by the end of 2025, 80% of homes will have at least one smart speaker.

The sales of these smart devices are expected to account for around $50 billion by 2022 end.

The tech giants like Google and Amazon facilitate users to use their voice assistant devices in their preferred language. Thus, users can shop more comfortably. Therefore, if you are reluctant about enhancing your online website for voice assistance, this is the right time.


3. Growth of Online Sales

eCommerce is the future of most of the online activities that people engage in these days. Online sales will touch around a $5.5 trillion scale by 2021.

This is primarily because the ease of online shopping is found no place else. The growth of online sales is one of the best upcoming eCommerce trends.

Being an eCommerce merchant, you cannot overlook such essential and promising trends.

The online shopping mechanisms have undergone improvements as well. People can discover and choose the products they want with ease.

Moreover, they can also distribute payments according to their convenience, as there are many payment options.


4. Omnichannel Shopping

Omnichannel retailing is one of the best eCommerce technology trends. This provides shoppers a steadfast and hassle-free experience across multiple channels and devices.

According to a survey, 75% of respondents use several channels while they shop.

The amount of omnichannel consumers will rise by 2021 with the amplification of voice assistants and smartphones.

Website optimization is crucial, and this upcoming trend will undoubtedly impress your customers even more.

Moreover, in each step, you must personalize your customer experience.


5. Personalized Packaging

People love the idea of unique packaging. So, you can tie this idea with eCommerce products as well. Customizing the product packaging is important.

Following such eCommerce trends will indeed help you stand out from the rest. You can start applying this trend by highlighting the appeal and profitability of packaging.

Moreover, customers will be more interested in sustainable packaging. Everything done correctly will hugely help in building your brand.


6. AI and AR

The speculation that online retailers will be spending around $8.3 billion on AI is truly promising.

Moreover, over 130k stores will also use AR technologies or offering consumers a better buying experience by 2022.

AI employs the past buying history and browsing behavior of the buyers. This is because AI wants to showcase the products that they are most likely to shop for.

The application of AR and AI in eCommerce will improve conversions and also eliminate the return rate.


7. Social Media

Social media is no longer a tool to connect with others. It is now more valuable as a marketing tool.

This allows you to expand your TA quickly. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have options like “Buy Buttons” to allow you to sell products through them.

Moreover, social media is an essential tool for businesses because it provides huge exposure to them. This exposure drives more sales as people become more familiar with their products and services.


8. Multiple Payment options

Most people choose a specific brand for their online shopping based on the available payment options. If they cannot find the payment option, they might abandon your website and go to another one.

Hence, your eCommerce needs to accept all kinds of digital wallets like Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay alongside debit and credit cards.


9. Sustainability

Today, various business and eCommerce marketers are becoming eco-friendly with their products. But this is also influencing online sales.

As per a survey, many consumers said that they keep environmental concerns in mind before buying products.

Hence, the establishment of sustainable practices is essential.


10. Embracing Dynamic Pricing

Ecommerce retailers can be a lot more competitive by embracing dynamic pricing. When you apply such upcoming eCommerce trends, your brand image is automatically rising.

Besides selling the best products in the whole world, pricing them correctly is also essential. Or else, producing sufficient sales will be tough.

There are also such softwares for determining the best prices for your products.


Final Words

E-commerce isn’t a short term thing. It is here for the long haul. People will continue to shop more online, even in the future. Moreover, from a retailer viewpoint, it is more affordable to develop an online shop.

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone due to the pandemic situation, but digital advancements have saved us from this situation. The eCommerce trend will not die for a long time now; in fact, it will only rise.

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