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7 Quick and Easy Fixes for the Canon Printer Offline Error



Canon Printer Offline

Canon printers are useful devices that give smooth printing performance. However, the Canon printer offline issue can hinder you from using these devices when you need them. The offline error can occur because of the printer not being connected properly, not being set as default, or having the Use Printer offline feature enabled. This article will give you different fixes to troubleshoot these causes and get your printer running again.

Solutions for Canon Printer Offline Error
These resolutions with stepwise instructions will ensure that you get your printer out of its offline state.

1. Ensure proper printer connectivity
The first technique to bring your printer online is to examine the internet connection.

● On the notification tray, tap the internet icon.
● See if you are linked to an active internet.
● Ensure that your system and the printer are linked to one network.
● In case you use USB cables, examine for any signs of damage.
● Your printer should not display any error codes on the screen.
● It should not have a paper jam or low ink.

2. Make changes in the default printer settings.
Oftentimes, users forget to set up their printers as default devices. As a result, they wonder why is my Canon printer offline when it should be online.

● Move to ‘Devices and Printers’ in the Control Panel.
● After that, right-tap on your Canon printer.
● Pick the option ‘Set as default.’
● The printer will acquire a green check mark.
● Determine if it is online or not.

3. Disable the offline status
If you’ve enabled the Use Printer Offline feature in settings, the printer won’t respond to your commands. Use these steps to disable it.

● Begin by restarting your printer.
● Go to ‘Devices and Printers.’
● You will find your Canon printer.
● If it is with a green check mark, right-tap on your printer and choose ‘See what’s printing.’
● If it is in grey, right-tap it and choose ‘Set as default printer.’
● Now, find out if there are two check marks adjacent to ‘Use Printer Offline.’
● Uncheck these marks, so the printer comes back online.

4. Update your printer driver
Are you still complaining about why is my Canon printer offline even after using the fixes above? Maybe there is an issue with your printer driver.

Updating the driver can help you fix the issue.

● Launch the Run window with the aid of the Windows key and R on your computer’s keyboard.
● Now launch ‘Device Manager’ followed by ‘Print Queues.’
● Right-tap on the printer hardware.
● Now, choose ‘Update driver.’
● You will get a prompt, ‘How do you want to search for the driver?’
● Choose the option that says, ‘Browse my computer for driver software.’
● Install the printer drivers and then update them.
● Finally, reboot your computer and check if the error resolves.

5. Delete pending print tasks
When the printer queue is loaded with print jobs, it can result in an offline error. So, cancel the remaining print jobs through these steps.

● In the Control Panel, choose ‘Devices and Printers.’
● Locate your Canon printer and right-tap it.
● Tap ‘See what’s printing.’
● Now cancel all print jobs from the queue.
● Find out if your printer has come back online now.

6. Update the printer drivers
Printer drivers play a huge role in keeping the communications between printers and systems smooth. If they are outdated or faulty, you may find Canon printer offline error. Use these pointers to update the printer driver.

● Access the Run dialog box on your screen.
● On this box, type ‘devmgmt.msc.’
● Hit ‘OK.’
● You will see the ‘Device Manager’ window.
● Make the ‘Print Queues’ option big so you can locate the Canon printer that is offline.
● After that, right-click on this printer and tap ‘Update driver.’
● Hit the option to search for the driver software update automatically.
● Lastly, reboot your system.
● Find out if your printer has come online on your system.

7. Turn on the spooler service.
If the Canon printer spooler service is not on, the printer will show an offline error. Use these steps to turn on the spooler service quickly.

● Open the Run dialog box.
● On its search field, type ‘services.msc.’
● Go to the ‘Properties’ window.
● Here, find out the ‘Printer spooler’ option.
● After locating it, ensure that its status is running.
● If the running mode is not on, right-tap on ‘Print spooler.’
● Choose the ‘Start’ option.
● To start the print spooler again, right-click on its option and choose ‘Restart.’
● Exit the ‘Properties’ window.
● Check your printer status.
● It’s likely that it would be online.

Summing up
All these fixes are proven to effectively fix the Canon printer offline error for many users. They are quite easy to follow and implement. You can pick one according to what you think might be the source of the offline error. But if you still find the problem unresolved, it’s time to connect with a reliable printer technical support expert.