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Get Organized: How Scanning Apps Keep You Organized



Get Organized: How Scanning Apps Keep You Organized

For people to organize themselves in the past, they needed to use some energy to get some things done. All this has changed today, given the role technology plays in personal and business ecosystems. One of the ways someone can organize their life is by using scanning apps. You could do many things better with such apps such as:

  • Saving business contacts by scanning the business cards
  • Keeping a record of valuable information at presentations
  • Instant sharing of documents 
  • Easy backing up of documents

Not all scanning apps can solve your problems. You need to keep some things in mind as you hunt for your most suitable app as follows:


  • Is it free? 


There is no point of paying for an app when most of the best scanning apps are free of charge. The additional cost could be paid for an extra feature you may find on not find useful. The cost to upgrade should be nominal.


  • Is there a save and export option?


Your app needs to be able to tell you where to save, or export scanned pieces on scanning. Your app needs to provide you with more options to export texts such as OneDrive, Dropbox, among others. Choose an app that gives you more options for storage. 


  • Search capability


In a case whereby you have to scan pictures of texts into words, they need to end up searchable. Seek scanning apps that run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of texts in images. The idea is to end up with a document that allows you to search words individually and still find them. This video on YouTube can be handy at this point where you can utilize your searching ability.


  • Is it edge-sensitive? 


A good scanning app can detect the edges of your document even when it is not an A4. That means it gets to capture everything corner of the document without having to worry about the angle of your camera. 


  • Is it fast enough?


Look for scanning apps that can go through documents faster and even collate the pages into a single PDF. A good scanning app should make your document conversion more efficient, reducing your document management. 

The number of apps that can get you organized is large. Below, you will find some of them and the way they will keep you organized. 

  1. CamScanner

This is one of the most used apps in the world. CamScanner has proved to be a threat to the typical desktop scanner with its impressive scanning features. The app allows you to scan, store, and even sync documents. Moreover, you can optimize scan quality by using its crop, auto-enhance, and graphic features. CamScanner also allows you to extract text from images, share JPEG and PDF files, fax files, print and protect documents with a passcode. Because of today’s collaborative workplaces, this scanner allows you to invite up to 40 colleagues to give feedback on the documents shared. 

  1. Mobile Doc Scanner 3 with OCR

With the help of Optical Character Recognition feature, this app can scan any document and convert it to PDF. The app also comes with tools to correct your images, such as border detection, brightness adjustment, and correct distortion that can make a blurred document legible. Moreover, you can share files via email, Facebook, and Twitter and export files to Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box. 

  1. Office Lens

This is a product of the Microsoft Company developed to work perfectly with other Microsoft Applications. Office Lens allows you to scan documents, convert images to Word Documents, PDF and PowerPoints, and even share them. The app automatically adjusts its lighting, shadows, and glare, allowing for proper capturing of images. The neat business card mode feature of the app captures information in English, German, and Spanish languages with a promise for more in the future. Office Lens can also trim and color image and even have them saved on OneDrive, OneDrive or on whatever device you are working with. 

  1. Genius Scan

This is another widely used scanning app in the world today. Genius Scan allows you to scan documents faster and export as PDF or JPEG to Evernote, Dropbox, among other cloud storage spaces. Moreover, the app has perspective correction, smart page detection, and image post-processing capabilities that enhance image legibility. Genius Scan comes with a feature known as the batch mode that can scan several pages in a row. 

  1. Google Drive

You might be asking yourself how Google Drive is finding itself in this category. With your phone, you scan a document and store it in the cloud. Google allows you to search your document using its optical character recognition feature using tags, keywords, and phrases. Google also allows you to share a document for comments and editing. Moreover, with Google Drive, you are sure to access scans wherever you are in the world, given Google’s ubiquity. 

  1. Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe is one of the best image-manipulation tech companies. Adobe Fill& Sign allows you to create forms that you can fill, sign, and send electronically. The app converts images done using cameras into forms by scanning, making them easy to share with employees and customers. 

  1. Docufy Scanner 

This scanning app comes with an interface that sustains its optimal functionality. Docufy allows you to scan, share, and annotate your document. Moreover, on conversion to pdf, the document is accessible from any place at any time. It’s auto image resize feature allows you to enhance image resolution, brightness, contrast, and details. Docufy’s app permission and document management feature allow you to protect a document from unauthorized access

  1. Tiny Scanner

This scanning app is developed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The app will enable you to save scans in folders and share files in Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Evernote, and Dropbox, among others. Tiny Scanner also allows you to share files with your computer a Wi-Fi connection and even fax it using the Tiny Fax app. Additional features of this app include the automatic edge-detection feature, scan sorting, and five additional contrast levels for better monochrome texts.

  1. Handy Scanner Pro

This app is designed to increase speed and use without compromising functionality. Handy Scanner allows you to scan multiple-page documents, cards, and whiteboards into PDF and JPEG output that can be exported to Dropbox. Moreover, the app comes with an image correction feature that alters perspective and straightens the document for legibility as well as enhancing color and contrast. 

  1. Scanbot 

This app crops documents at 200 dpi and more, allowing you to end up with better quality images. Scanbot will enable you to upload scans onto cloud storage spaces in PDF and JPEG formats. Scanbot comes with additional features such as document signing, quick actions, smart file renaming, QR code scanner, and barcode detection. 

The above apps can keep you organized in your everyday personal and business life. You may also want to consider scanning software like FileCenter DMS that can help keep you organized. Find out FileCenter DMS for more information. The apps have multiple benefits and possess unique characteristics that you may find helpful. There are also things that you may need to consider as you choose a scanning app that works for you. 

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