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Gojek Clone App Vietnam: Let your Customers Book 101+ On-demand Services in a Click



Gojek Clone Vietnam

Mobile applications have made everyone’s lives easy. They have become an integral part of our daily routine. Be it booking a taxi ride to commute to the workplace or ordering groceries for dinner, apps have now made everything possible. And one of the most sought-after apps is the Gojek Clone App Vietnam. 

You might be wondering, what’s so special about this app? How can the app users buy groceries and even book a taxi ride with this single app? Well, let’s find answers to each and every question right here in this blog. 

gojek clone app

What Makes a Gojek Clone App so Special? 

The first and foremost thing that makes this app so special is its assortment of on-demand services

Imagine the kind of convenience your user would be tapping into by downloading one app that lets them book 101+ services! Well, that’s exactly what this app does. 

Next, the pre-integrated ultra-modern features are something that adds weight to this app’s worth! 

101+ Services That Your Users Can Book on Gojek Clone App Vietnam

The entire assortment of services is divided into eight categories based on the different genres. Each of these categories includes multiple services that app users can instantly book and schedule as well! 

  • Uber like App
  • Online video consultation with professionals 
  • Bid for handyman services in real-time 
  • Book on-demand services like a tow truck, beautician, car wash, etc. 
  • Parcel delivery service 
  • On-demand delivery of food, grocery, medicines, flowers, etc. 
  • Hire delivery Genie and Runner 
  • On-demand medical services 

Here are the top three, all-time favorite services people book online via apps. People in Vietnam book these services frequently. 

In other words, launching the app with the facility of booking all these services will make your app popular and increase profits significantly! 

Taxi/Moto Ride Booking 


Source: Mordor Intelligence 

The Vietnamese taxi market is booming with about 15 million ride-hailing trips happening every day. Moreover, the number of car-sharing or carpooling users has increased by 10 million already. 

Well, these numbers are speaking volumes about the market and its rising potential for startups. These figures clearly indicate that launching the Gojek Clone App with Uber-like taxi/moto ride-booking services will give a boost to your sales and profit! 

Online Food Ordering 

food ordering

Vietnamese food culture has always been evolving. Now, all thanks to the busy lifestyle, a majority of people have gone highly digital. 

People now rely on using services like online food ordering, grocery delivery, etc., much more than before! 

Source: Statista 


According to the statistics, the Vietnamese economy is forecasted to earn a revenue of USD557 million by the year 2024 from online food delivery services itself! 

That’s huge but it also means launching a Gojek-like app with an online food ordering service will be much more beneficial for your business! 

Parcel Delivery

The revenue generated by parcel delivery services alone in Vietnam was approximately 28.9 trillion Vietnamese dongs in 2021. 

The statistics say very loud and clear that launching a parcel delivery business will bring in handsome profits for you. Well, that is exactly what you can do with Gojek Clone App Vietnam. 

With this app, not only you’d be tapping into the parcel delivery industry in Vietnam but 101+ others. 

Besides these top favorites, the Gojek-like app also allows you to offer customers unique services such as 

On-demand medical services

Under this service category, your customers will be able to easily book medical services in emergencies. 

Booking an ambulance, ordering medicines, booking an appointment with a doctor, ordering blood/plasma from the blood bank, etc., are a few facilities customers can book on the app. 

Service bidding

This service category lets the customer post tasks for the handyman and hire a suitable professional for the job. Now, as soon as the customer posts the task, handymen from the selected category are notified about the job. 

Now, the professionals can choose to accept/decline the job or make an offer and start bidding for it. In simpler words, customers and handymen can start negotiating for the job on the Gojek Clone App in real time. 

In Conclusion:

Launching a multi-service app in Vietnam is no longer a challenge!
If you are an entrepreneur and want to launch Gojek Clone App Vietnam so that your customers can book 101+ services online, then get the app here! 

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