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HiFives Review – Digitally Transform Your Reward, Recognition and Engagement Processes


on is a 360-degree employee experience software platform that helps companies digitally transform their rewards, recognition and engagement processes. It also provides a consultative approach to help clients match their employees with corporate objectives and promote values and culture.

It enables supervisors and co-workers to nominate, recognize and reward employees using a points-based system. The platform also offers social features such as a wall of fame, leaderboards, e-certificates and badges. It also facilitates budget management, multi-level approval workflows and Jury-based evaluations by integrating with leading HRMS systems.


With the right technology, you can gamify work-related training and employee development to increase participation. It can also reduce stress in the workplace and promote better work environments.

According to a survey conducted by TalentLMS, gamification at work is beneficial for companies that are looking to encourage additional learning, cater to a younger workforce and improve job satisfaction and productivity.

When designing a gamified eLearning course, build a culture of friendly competition among your learners by including points, leaderboards and badges. These add an exciting, dynamic addition to the course and entice learners to complete more courses.

Rewards should be based on a set of criteria, such as core values, learning milestones and innovation. These awards can be given to individual employees as well as teams.

Employee evaluations

Employee evaluations, sometimes referred to as performance reviews, are meetings between managers and employees to assess progress, praise achievements, and set goals for future work. These meetings are designed to promote teamwork and improve overall company performance.

Traditionally, most companies conduct employee evaluations once a year. However, it has been shown that a more frequent approach, such as monthly or quarterly, produces better results and reduces the time and effort involved in achieving them.

A good employee evaluation software can help you keep track of performance data and provide actionable reports to management. The tool should also offer features such as goal tracking and assessment scheduling.

HiFives is an advanced employee recognition, rewards and engagement platform that helps organizations in multiple industries across 25+ countries motivate their workforce in a hybrid work environment. The company’s digital platform and consultative approach helps customers enhance employee engagement, boost performance and productivity, drive values and culture, and promote learning and innovation.

Mobile app

Guests can leave tips through a digital tipping solution at by scanning a QR code on their mobile device and using options like Apple Pay or Google Pay to complete the transaction. This solution helps service employees increase their income and receive recognition for their hard work. It also provides businesses with feedback on their staff, which can help improve customer satisfaction.

Besides this, the platform offers gamification tools and employee evaluations to make tasks and challenges more interesting. It also supports non-monetary and monetary awards to motivate team members. Its awards are predefined and notified when an employee achieves the criteria.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It enables users to manage their teams from anywhere. It also has 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication to keep company data safe. It also has role management features to manage access to specific functions. It is designed to grow with your team from startups to enterprises and offers a scalable solution.

Customization is a jumbo sized employee recognition and engagement solution that aficionados rave about. It is a cloud-based platform that can be deployed on desktops or mobile devices and is integrated with internal corporate applications. The product has some nifty features including a smart card and a slick user interface that is easy on the eye. The company also boasts a top-notch customer support team, which is the reason why they have garnered a stellar reputation among their peers. Besides, the company offers a variety of rewards and incentives to choose from. Some of the most popular options include cash, gift cards, swag and more. The company also provides a range of services from consulting to tech support and more. The company was founded in 2012 and is led by a senior industry professional with a strong technology background.