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How Atlas Point Provides Behavioral Insights For Better Financial Advisor To Client Conversations



Atlas Point

Atlas Point, a behavioral science and analytics platform at the forefront of making it simple to integrate behavioral finance into the financial planning process, announces their new platform features.  

During volatile markets, serving clients has never been more important. Canned responses are easy. But personalization? Personalization takes a lot of work. With Atlas Point’s behavioral insights and client-ready assessments, Advisors can easily personalize & tailor communication for each and every client, resulting in improved financial outcomes. Atlas Point insights accurately predict which clients are most sensitive to volatile market events, their demotivators, motivators, and communications preferences with money.  

DALBAR’s Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior estimates that reducing emotions during financial decisions can improve portfolio returns by 4% or more. Everyone has behavioral blind spots when it comes to making financial decisions, but Atlas Point’s 5-minute client-facing behavioral assessment tool, backed by scientific research, takes the guesswork out of identifying emotional behaviors. Results are hyper-personalized and provides Advisors with continuous behavioral insights into their clients, leading to increased client satisfaction, accelerated client acquisition, a boost in referrals, and more meaningful financial conversations.

“The wealth management industry is ripe for change. All generations (gen Z to boomers) would prefer to work with a human Advisor if they could afford it.  While the number of investors in the US is growing, the number of Advisors available to serve investors is shrinking. That leaves many investors underserved and the remaining Advisors overwhelmed.” Atlas Point provides financial professionals with practical solutions to streamline personalization and integrate behavioral finance into their client conversations, saving Advisors time while increasing client satisfaction. “We’re proud to offer ongoing, timely insights for Advisors to have better, more differentiated, and personalized conversations with their clients,” Founder, Carrie Nelson said. 

As a Women-Owned Business Certified (WBENC) FinTech/Advisor Tech professional, Carrie Nelson has been in the wealth management industry for over 20 years, working alongside Atlas Point’s COO, Kenny Mobley, for the majority of her career. As technology began to shape wealth management, they recognized the need for data and analytics to enhance, rather than replace, human relationships with investors.   

“As a female executive in financial services, I found it challenging and even frustrating that the industry continues to focus on “the decision maker” when, in reality, there are often multiple decision-makers in a household.  It is time to engage the quiet one in the financial conversation.” Carrie added. 

Atlas Point provides outcome-driven solutions for Advisors and home office leaders for over four years. The Atlas Point platform uses advanced behavioral science to identify unique ways in which clients think and feel about money, translating the data into tools that are simple for Advisors to put into practice. Advisors can use these tools to customize conversations and recommendations for each client’s needs, but just as importantly, to help clients feel confident, understood, and appreciated. To learn more click here

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