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How Big Organisations are using AI in Future Prediction




Artificial intelligence (AI) has been transforming our lives in many ways. It is in buzz for decades, though its uniformity in every sector has been experienced now. The latest AI trends have to lead to the development of new AI systems that claim to solve the hurdles while performing business operations efficiently without the intervention of human beings. Now, speculations are that AI can predict the future with the help of trained machine learning algorithms.

This post mentions three examples that explain the potential of AI in predicting the future.

How is Google embracing AI to predict the future?

We all know that Google is trying to actualize nuclear fusion, but now there is a lot more to know. Google has turned to artificial intelligence to predict the future.

Deepmind heads AI research at Google which is experimenting with AI algorithms by giving an image to it in a bid to predict the future.

According to Deepmind, we are not in a position as to whether a glass placed at an edge of the table will fall or not but if ML algorithms become sophisticated, they can help predict the future of any event by building AI systems.  New speculations began to arise when Deepmind invented AlphaGo, an AI machine that had won the Chinese board game Go, defeating some of the world’s best players. AlphaGo represents the power of AI though it can only work within the rule of the game.

Now, Deepmind is on a mission to train AI algorithms and implement them in the real world. It has come up with imagination-augmented agents, designed with a neural network to get the information that can help predict the future. How do they work? They imagine the number of possibilities related to the occurrence of an event and learn various types of strategies to conduct plans.

To experiment with agents, Deepmind allowed them to lose on a puzzle game called Sokoban, which requires planning. The levels of the game are procedurally generated to allow agents to use trial-and-error. The result is that agents surpass the imagination-less baselines. Now, Deepmind is on the bandwagon to design better agents to use them in predicting the future of other scenarios.

The role of AI in predicting the death of a patient

Recently, Google tested out its AI algorithms on a patient who was in the final stage of cancer. Fluids were pouring into her lungs, and doctors predicted a 9.3% chance of dying. But according to Google’s A.I neural network algorithms, her chance of death was 19.9%, which was right. The woman could no survive, but her name became an example of an A.I breakthrough.

According to Google’s Medical Brain team: we have tons of patients’ data that have significantly different data points. They develop three deep learning neural network model architectures using those data points.

After analyzing 175,639 data points from her medical records while considering all variables like temperature, white blood cell count,  blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate, the neural algorithm came up with the right prediction of her survival.

Here comes the role of AI in Big data. AI is highly efficient in deciphering a large volume of data, including errors in labels and generates new patterns that further help in making decisions. Also, the advent of the Google cancer detection microscope has even marked the importance of AI in the health sector.

Development of a new intelligence system

 Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Bonn in Germany has developed an artificial intelligence system that can accurately predict the future. The system is designed to predict what a person will do in the next few minutes.

The IEEE Conference stated that the researchers trained the machine learning algorithm using videos of people cooking foods, which resulted in the development of an AI system. It can rightly predict the next steps in preparing salad recipes when a person prepares in front of it.

AI is going to revolutionize the world with its potential. The field of AI is highly advanced, and researchers recommend beginners joining courses like The Machine Learning Course to understand its technicalities. The development of AI-based systems can help different sectors to achieve the results that are impossible to reach through traditional methods. The idea of superintelligence is new, but its implementation can help humans to get better over time.

Varun dutta is an AI and ML expert and write about the disruptive role of AI across the sectors. With his focus on the latest trends, he now explores the crypto world.