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How can E-Signature Software Help Sales Professionals Enhance their Sales Productivity?



E-Signature Software

Salespeople must communicate with a vast number of clients. From startups to established organizations, understanding their specific requirements and motivating them to hire your company’s services can be a challenge. However, out of every challenge salespeople face, paperwork is one of the most time-consuming challenges, resulting in more than 40% of their time consumed by only paperwork. Due to the tedious print-fill-sign-scan routine, the majority of sales professionals only attain 50% – 60% of their annual sales targets. To cope with this issue, it is imperative for businesses to adopt E-Signature software which can eliminate ineffective paper-flow out of the sales team’s daily routine.

Let’s further discuss how E-Signature software helps sales professionals eliminate tedious paper workflows.


Streamline the Contract Authentication process 

In the wet-ink signature-based process the same document must be couriered to all the parties (involved in the deal) for signatures, which can take days or even weeks. Plus, the time lag between the initial discussion and final sign can even end up in a deal cancellation. E-signature software enables sales professionals to authenticate contracts electronically and allows them to streamline the entire process. It allows you to track the history of your contracts, making it easy to map out and modify mistakes at any time. A few advanced online signature systems also send automatic notifications to follow-up with the contracts signing process. It saves potential time involved in manually printing, filling, and tracking documents.


Eliminates Legal Issues

Legal issues can be anything, from an outdated version of a contract to misplacing names or other crucial information. Unfortunately, such mistakes can go undetected while trying to handle many documents at once, which can lead to contract cancellation. Misfiled, missing, or incomplete sales contract documentation can lead to unavoidable fines or penalties. E-signature software tracks these features and provides a complete history of the document authentication process including the time it was received, viewed, and signed making it easier to find and modify any mistakes. E-signature also highlights the empty mandatory fields within the contract to ensure each contract is signed correctly.


Track Documents’ Status

Usually, more than 30% of the salespeople admit that they aren’t sure whether they’ve all the signed documents or not. Sales professionals deal with hundreds to thousands of documents and signers for each of them. There is a high possibility for misfiling, missing information, or losing the signed documents altogether. Adding to this, tracking the status of each bundle of documents/contracts is an operational challenge. Digital signature software empowers sales professionals to track the document’s status, send prompts, and reminders about unsigned documents. All the documents will be electronically stored in a centralized cloud-platform, making it easier for authorized people to access from anywhere.


Enhance Customer Experience

Customers feel it tedious to manually verify and sign the stack of documents one after another. Electronic signatures allow the customers to electronically authenticate the documents from anywhere at any time, minimizing the hassle of the paper workflow. Most of the customers today prefer electronic signatures because it automates their daily processes, improves efficiency, and brings additional security with a multi-factor authentication feature.


Prevents Unauthorized Access

With fraud increasing in numbers, security is a major concern for any business. A wet-ink paper document is more easily accessible by unauthorized users when compared to electronic signatures. E-signature system records all the edits and alterations made to the document during the entire approval cycle and minimizes the risk of frauds. The multi-factor authentication features ensure that the authorized persons sign the document in a timely manner. It avoids unauthorized access and helps to protect confidential information. 

The Bottom Line

The points stated above are evident that wet-ink paper documents can be a potential barrier for salespeople. Growing businesses must reach and exceed customers’ expectations to enhance their customer base. Hence, it may be the right time for your organization to invest in E-signature software to increase sales, thereby improving company productivity.


Author Bio:

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