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How Cyber Security has Benefitted Businesses

Barjunaid Cadir



How Cyber Security has Benefitted Businesses

Many businesses around the world, some way or another, experienced different types of cyber-attack due to lack of comprehensive online security system. As a result, they suffer, not only financially, but it affects their reputation and customer engagement. 

With the advancement in technology and software, safety is easily available, which saves virtual businesses from unwanted cyber threats. So, let’s find out how cybersecurity has benefitted businesses. But first, let’s find out what cybersecurity is all about. 

What is Cyber Security 

Cybersecurity is all about putting in place the practices, processes, and technologies that offer safety from cyber-attacks — which cause great harm to the network system of the business or capture important data and information without authorization.

The best cybersecurity offers your business a complete solution to protect and safeguard tons of problems. Nowadays, it is a must for every business to equip itself with a firewall, an anti-virus, online content filtration, wireless security, and anti-spam.

How Online Security Protects Your Business 

There are quite a few ways through which a business can keep itself protected using online security procedures:

  • Ransomware – This threat is actually a malicious software which captures the entire computer system of an individual or business until a ransom is paid which can be a heavy amount.
  • Adware – Aware is actually quite a common kind of cyber-attack. It’s a virus that fills your computer system with unwanted ads and once they enter your computer system, they make way for other viruses to enter your computer system if you click it accidentally.  
  • Spyware – Another virus, known as spyware, is a cyber infection which spy on the actions you make on your computer system, those actions are then shared with other cybercriminals.

However, with the help of some of the highest and finest quality online security, prevention of these viruses is quite possible as they don’t let any invader enter your computer system. Not only this, but it also protects your private and confidential information and doesn’t let it compromise in any way. 

Let’s highlight the benefit it gives to the businesses.


Protects Your Company’s Reputation

Controlling any reputational damage due to cyber invasions can sometimes be difficult to recover from. However, the credibility and reputation of your business can be protected if you make use of a conducive cybersecurity protection system. 


Protects Your Business Data and Important Information

If a cyber-attack manages to get hold of your personal information and data such as passwords, usernames, and other details like login and payments, the business will have to accept the breach

Taking care of your personal information and especially your client’s data by making use of robust and strong cybersecurity software, is something that should be given a top priority. Protecting the business and client’s data and personal information will give an edge to you on your competitors and can also help you in elevating your status. 

Safeguards your bank balance

Just one successful cyber invasion can wreak havoc and crumble your entire bank balance and business. The after effects of financial loss may be felt with immediate effect while other financial crunches may surface, later on, making it difficult to evaluate the total cost of that gruesome cyber-attack. 

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a readily available IT team at your service because a lot of small or mid-sized businesses cannot afford the luxury of having a full-fledged IT department and outsourcing can be way too costly. Not just that, there are also costs of investigating the invasion, coming up with an appropriate solution in order to avoid the invasion in the future and then testing and deploying it.

 If virtual currency, in the form of loyalty points and rewards, or real money is stolen, it is the business’s responsibility to refund the client’s or customers’ financial loss. In other cases, you might need to handle the matter legally. Whatever the way is, it will certainly cost you a fortune to reach some resolution. Therefore, it is highly recommended for businesses to secure their cyberspaces with an adequate cybersecurity solution. 

Earning Your Customers’ Trust

If you are upset about the additional expense of implementing conducive cybersecurity for your business setup, then think about the opportunities you may be ignoring — if your system gets hacked, then there is likely a chance that your customers won’t trust your brand. 

According to a report, around 40 % of customers who prefer shopping online may completely halt or limit their purchase if they are not sure about the website’s online credibility and security. It should not come as a surprise especially when you know that consumers are more tech-savvy than before. 

Sometimes, a mere trust seal from any famous payment gateway or cybersecurity service can help you build buyer confidence. For example, PayPal, offers vendors and suppliers verified logos, these verified logos help them earn the trust of their customers and clients — from return shipping guarantee seals to credit banners.

Increased Employee Engagement

Cybersecurity is not limited to business and customers only – it can greatly contribute to building employees confidence. Employee data consists of sensitive information such as date of birth, social security number, address, contact numbers, etc. 

Businesses that maintain a focused and detailed cybersecurity system to safeguard the interest of their employees, not only earn their trust but also set an example of how important employee privacy is for them. More engaged staff means more productivity, more positivity and of course more efficiency, resulting in higher profits. 


Some other prominent benefits of cybersecurity are:

  • It helps in building buyer’s confidence
  • Allows you to grow your business with confidence and complete peace of mind
  • Increases search engine rankings
  • Offers more flexibility to those who work as freelancers
  • Gives higher conversion

So this is how cybersecurity is benefitting businesses these days. Remember, an intelligent and strategic collaboration, implementation and investment can lead a business to a safe and secure cybersecurity system. 


Author Bio

Emma Megan is a passionate tech blogger at Mars Technology, a Virginia based Data Security and Cybersecurity Company. She is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in her spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.