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How Does Biometric School Attendance Management Software Simplify Payroll?



How Does Biometric School Attendance Management Software Simplify Payroll?

This is the era of digitization and automation. The entire world, every field is treading towards the path of digitization. It is time the education field also embraces digitization not just because everyone is doing it but mostly because there are a number of benefits that comes with it. 

Biometric, automation, robotics are all different branches of digitization with one common goal-to make our lives easier! There are a number of impersonation and tail-gating incidents that are happening which pose a huge threat to many lives as well as the organization. This is where Biometric will be of huge advantage to monitor the system. 


What is Biometric School attendance management software?

Biometric is using biology to establish one’s identity. No two human fingerprints or their iris is similar. Each and every fingerprint and iris is unique. What a biometric school attendance software does is, it makes use of the uniqueness using a fingerprint scanner or an iris reader. These scanners are usually placed in the entry and exit points of schools.

It keeps track of everyone’s attendance from teachers to staff to students. They can place their fingerprints or scan their iris every time they enter or leave the campus. Thus keeping track of their entry and exits movements and timings.

Biometric school attendance management system is highly cost-effective and efficient and leaves minimum scope for any errors or malpractice. It is a very useful software for everyone in the education business.


Why do Schools Need a Biometric School Attendance Software?

It may be argued that the school is very strict with students and once a student enters he or she does not venture out until the final bell. But, a school is a place of work, an office for its teachers and staff. It is essential to keep a digitized track of their movements to ensure integrity. With over a thousand students and a number of teachers, errors are inevitable.

Earlier we used to have security personnel or someone from the administration keeping track of all the comings and goings. This system has become obsolete and unfeasible for a number of reasons, one of them simply being the unreliability of human nature. First of all, it is impossible for a single person or even two of them to keep track of all the entries and exits the entire day without causing a blunder. It is human to err after all. Secondly, there is a scope of favoritism and friendliness and human emotions to take over which makes the whole set-up unreliable.

However, due to the sheer inaccessibility of technology and lack of awareness did not bring biometric school attendance software into the bigger picture. That’s not the case now. Biometric school attendance system is financially affordable, easily available and easy to install and operate.


How is Payroll Processing Impacted by Biometric School Attendance Software?

Payroll processing is a very strenuous, time-consuming and a taxing job. But with Biometric school attendance software, payroll processing has become a walk in the park. The advantages of payroll processing by using biometric school attendance system are:

  • Real-time tracking of attendance:

    With biometric attendance, the need to refer to old logs and attendance registers are eliminated. Instead, real-time entry and exit of teachers and other staff members are noted on a daily basis. This keeps you in a loop of where exactly the staff is at any given point of time.

  • No fraudulent attendance:

    One of the biggest challenges faced in schools is the number of proxy attendance given for students who are not present. Students being given attendance or losing attendance because of simple human error is also a possibility. Use of biometric attendance software safely eliminates all human-induced errors.

  • Automated payroll processing:

    Payroll is a huge responsibility for the management as well as extremely important for the staff. No employee wants their paycheck to be delayed which might be the case with manual payroll calculation.  With automatic payroll processing, employees get their salary, bonus, reimbursements, loss of pay based on the number of days they were absent and others on time without their time being wasted in manual calculations.

  • The reduction in payroll error:

    Ask the Accounts Department about which part of the month they dread? And the answer will be the first week. The first week of every month is a nightmare for the accounting staff as well as the employees whose account has been calculated incorrectly. Any miss calculations will subject the accountant as well as the employee to immense stress. Automatic payroll calculation has made the lives of both the parties easier with very minimal errors.


Biometric school attendance management software is like a breath of fresh air for the school management as well as the staff with it’s efficient, simple and easy to use solutions.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.