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How to Build an On-demand Gojek Clone App In 7 Easy Steps



Gojek Clone App

Build a Gojek Clone App in 7 simple steps! Is it possible? Well, if you have the right solution, you can develop this app easily in just one week. Do you know what’s the best part? You don’t need to worry about the development process or the deadline!

The white-labeling experts will take care of everything right from the beginning till the apps are launched and even after that! So, if you have finally decided to purchase the app, then, here is a systematic flow of steps that you need to follow to launch it in the market.

Let’s get started.
Gojek Clone App

7 Steps to Launch a Gojek Clone App

A Gojek Clone app can be launched in 7 simple steps. Follow these if you wish to establish a successful multi-service business in just one week!

1. Find a white-labeling firm

The first step is to find a white-labeling firm that offers a pre-built Gojek Clone App. To ensure that you have found the best firm to purchase the app from, consider this checklist.

The following-mentioned checklist contains all the essential things that your selected firm must have:

  • 10 years of industry experience.
  • 1320 apps launched to date.
  • Delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Strict NDA and privacy policies are followed
  • Licensed source code for one domain.
  • Demo app trial.
  • Payment milestones

If you find everything mentioned here in your app, go ahead with the next step.

2. Test demo apps to find the best solution

At this stage, you need to start with the demo app trial of the Gojek-like app.

Why is this so important? Well, testing the demo app will give you an idea about the app’s workflow, its quality, what customization you need to do, etc.

On a broader note, with the trial of the demo app, you will be able to justify if this app is perfect for you or not!

3. Purchase the clone app package

If you feel that this Gojek Clone App is perfect for your business, it’s time you finally purchase the app.

Schedule discussions with the Project Manager. Once you have decided on all the elements of the app, they will prepare the Scope Document. This single document contains all the essential information related to your app deliverables and the cost of the package.

After you receive the complete cost breakdown of the app, you can purchase the app.

4. App development starts

As soon as you purchase the app, the white-labeling experts will start the development process. Under the development process, they will white-label the app with your company’s name & logo, and integrate the services & features that you need.

Moreover, the developers will integrate your preferred currencies, languages, and payment gateways!

After developing the app, they will upload it to the firm’s development server.

5. Review the app

After the completion of the development process when the app is uploaded to the firm’s server, you can start reviewing them!

While the Gojek Clone App is under your review, look if everything you asked for is present in the app or not. If you think that the app is missing out on a few elements, ask the developers to do the modifications then and there!

6. Launch the app

Once all the modifications are made, the developers will move ahead and submit the apps to the iOS and Android App Stores.

Then, after the app store’s approval, the app will be available for download and use by your customers.

You can also choose to launch the app on Huawei App Store along with Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

7. App maintenance

Last but not least, the app that you launch must be professionally maintained to offer your business a better performance.

The good thing about purchasing the app from a white-labeling firm is that you get free upgrades for Gojek Clone App as well! Depending on the package you purchase, you will get 1 to 2 years of free upgrades!

Want to Build a Better App than the Original Indonesian Gojek App? Make Sure It Has These Features!

Now that you are aware of how to build a multi-service app that can help you become a millionaire, make sure it has these advanced features as well.

Why? Until your app is integrated with futuristic features, it will be difficult to boost your sales! And ultimately, your profits will be at stake!

Login with biometric authentication

iPhone users can log in with their Face ID while Android users can log in with their Fingerprint!

Login with Fingerprint

Users can enable this feature from the app settings. Thus, now users don’t have to remember their usernames and passwords every time they want to book a service on the app.

Video call option

Users and drivers can now connect via video call as well to discuss routes or get navigation instructions.

Video call option

The option for a video call is available besides in-app chatting and calling features. By simply tapping on the phone icon on the screen, the customer can open the calling feature and choose their desired option!

OTP verification

Under this feature, the service provider is able to start the task only after they enter the OTP provided by the user in their Gojek Clone App.

OTP verification

The option to begin the task is enabled only after the entered four-digit code is verified by the system.

Wallet-to-wallet transactions

Your customers and providers can now transact online via their in-app wallets as well.

This online payment method not only omits the need to carry cash but also allows them to transfer the money without adding card details!

Anyone using the in-app wallet to pay for the service only needs to top-up the balance using their credit card. They can choose a pre-defined amount or enter a custom amount while adding the balance to their wallet.

Voice instructions

Your customers can record and upload voice note instructions on the app itself.

By pressing and holding the mic button on the screen, they can record instructions about the routes, parking rules, where to place the package, etc.

Not only does this Gojek Clone App feature helps the customers to give instructions but also, helps the drivers to make quick deliveries!

In Conclusion:

Ain’t launching the world’s number 1 on-demand multi-service app easy?

Well, in 7 simple steps, you can launch a fully-fledged, mature, and feature-rich Gojek Clone App. Furthermore, launching the app takes only 1 to 2 weeks because it is ready-made!

So, don’t miss out on the chance of launching your own multi-service business! Get the app today!