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How to Find the Best Internet Providers in Your Area



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Has your internet ticked you off again and you are now thinking of switching providers? You might have searched for “AT&T Near Me” but haven’t made a decision because you are not quite sure where to start. Don’t worry, all those wondering how to shop for the best internet provider, tag along.

Check What’s Available in Your Area

First thing’s first, you need to find what’s available near you. It’s important because not every provider is available in every area. Also, the prices, speeds offers, and package lineups vary by location. It’s not necessary to get what’s advertised online. Before deciding what’s for you, check the availability of the package in your area. You can always call providers for more information or you can use websites like BroadbandNow to pull out a list of internet providers in your area. You simply have to enter your ZIP code for that. This will also lead you to AT&T Fiber Availability Map.

Things To Consider Before Choosing An ISP Provider

Now that you know the list of providers in your area, it’s time to make a comparison. Narrow down your options by jotting down ISPs that are offering the best combination of speed and price. It’s also recommended to visit the website of the internet service provider to get details on their packages. This will help you do a thorough comparison on the basis of your needs. Pay attention of these in particular:

  • What’s their download and upload speed? Let’s be real. Who doesn’t want a fast internet connection at a reasonable price? While you are comparing the services, do it on an apples-to-apples basis. Make a new list and write down the names of the companies that are providing the most similar plans on the basis of download and upload speed. You can also use the Net Index to find ISPs with the fastest upload and download speed.


  • Check their cost and contracts. Some service providers require you to buy the modem yourself while others provide it with the package. Likewise, some have free installation while others even charge for the service call. You need to be aware of all such costs. Also, most providers offer a discount when you package the internet with TV or phone service. Take your time and compare the costs. Make sure you check the cost after the bundle expires. The more you go into the details, the better you can compare.


  • Terms of service. Check their terms of service to know the service limitations. Often, there is a data cap that limits the amount of data you can use in a month. There are also restrictions on the kinds of websites or activities you are allowed to do. As a user, you must be aware of them.


  • Add-ons and special features. Lots of ISPs throw in special features and add-ons to offer great value to the users. Among these extras are going to be features that you don’t really need. Pick what you need and leave the rest.


  • How reliable is it? Don’t believe everything the ISP says. The best way to find out about the reliability is to ask from your neighbors. If one of your neighbors uses the internet provider you are interested in subscribing for, then go ahead and ask them. Real reviews from real people always matter.


  • How good is their customer support? You are going to experience an outage and other problems sometimes if not often. When that happens, how easy is it to get help? Do they have phone, email or live chat support? Is it easy to reach out to a representative?

Watch Out For The Early Termination Fee!

By now, you might have picked a provider that fits your budget and needs. But before you do anything, ask yourself are you under a service agreement? Is there any early termination fee on your current agreement? Some providers have switched to contract-free models now but there are still a few that require you to pay if you break up early. This could actually cost you hundreds of dollars so decide wisely.

Make The Final Decision

Once you have done research, made a comparison, and called on the AT&T Phone Number (if that’s the provider you are going for) feel free to make a decision. Good luck with your quest!