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How To Search Messages On Iphone & Ipad 



Text messages feature a to be had historic file of the conversations we’ve got with others, consisting of primary occasions, links we share, or in any other case. Few people comprehend that you may easily are looking for your entire text message history on iPhone, which assist you to in a pinch. This way.

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Search Limits

Before you begin your seek, recognize that you may only are searching for through text messages stored as conversations within the Messages app on your iPhone. If you have formerly deleted or cleared conversations underneath Messages, they may not be searchable.


If you synced your messages to iPad the usage of iCloud, you can also are trying to find your message statistics and on iPad.

But when you have enough history available—and plenty of people have conversations going once more over the years—you will have a good buy extra to discover. There are  important methods to do this.

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How To Find Text Messages From The Messages App

The first-rate way to go looking through your text message records is to apply the Messages app. You’ll be able to see most consequences fast and skim via them with out problems.


First of all open the Messages app. If you are in communication view, press the returned arrow till you return to the number one “Messages” display screen.

Tap the search bar close to the top of the display screen, then kind what you want to look. The show will trade to a listing of the pinnacle conversations that in shape your search.

If you need to look extra consequences, faucet “See All”. Or in case you need to take a more in-depth have a have a look at the cease result, faucet on a communication, and you’ll be taken to that role on your communique data.


You can tap the returned arrow at any time and assessment different are searching for outcomes, or you can easy the quest bar and search for something else.


How To Find Your Text Messages With Spotlight

You can also are searching for thru your text message history the usage of Spotlight Search. To open Spotlight, visit the Home show display screen and swipe down from the middle of the display screen with one finger.


How to look and discover specific textual content messages for your iPhone in 2 ways?

If you have ever spent extra than a minute looking for a specific message on your iPhone, you are doing it all wrong.


The easiest alternatives for looking messages containing a particular word are iOS’s Spotlight and Search functions. You can with out difficulty get entry to them from the Messages app and your iPhone’s home display.

How To Search For Specific Messages On Iphone Using The Search Bar In Messages

  1. Launch the Messages app from your iPhone’s Home screen.


  1. To get proper of access to the quest bar, swipe down. It’s above your maximum present day message.

Three. Type the phrase, word, or quantity you are looking for in the search bar.

  1. As you kind, the messages you typed will seem at the screen.


Five. Next, faucet at the message thread that includes the word you are seeking out. It will then leap to that conversation, and spotlight the precise message containing the word you typed.

How To Search For Specific Messages On Iphone Using Spotlight

  1. From your iPhone’s Home show, whether it’s unlocked or not, swipe to the right.


  1. At the pinnacle, discover and tap the Spotlight seek bar.

Three. Start typing the phrase you are seeking out. Items will start to populate inside the menu underneath.

Four. Once you’ve got completed typing, under the sub-menu “Messages”, find out the message you are searching out.


Five. Once you pick out a message, your Messages app will open, and the conversation will bounce to the precise equal message that used the phrase you typed.

How To Search Through Text Messages On Iphone?

Many parents get such numerous extraordinary textual content messages over some weeks or months that it can be almost not viable to discover a specific a part of a communication. We can spend hours scrolling and scrolling through messages looking for it, and in no manner get near. But what if we knowledgeable you there was a better manner?

Gone are the times of manually looking through your texts and iMessages. Now, there are various certainly one of a type techniques to routinely seek thru your messages and do something in handiest seconds that might have taken you hours earlier than.


Overall, there are a few wonderful methods to discover your messages at the iPhone. The first way is to move straight away to the Messages app and look for them. If you by using danger deleted the message or messages you preferred to look for, there’s additionally a way to acquire this (however that might involve using a third-party piece of computer software program). Without any similarly ado, permit’s take a better look at those three methods.