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How to track phone GPS location & Monitor voice calls?



How to track phone GPS location & Monitor voice calls?

Our kids like to party, and they like adventures for their hangouts. But as a parent, sometimes it makes us worry about their whereabouts. It is scary to know that your kids are in danger and in some shady place. Therefore, you can track the phone GPS location to be aware of their place at the party. There are multiple types of apps offering this location tracking feature and assisting businesses and parents to be aware of the activities of their concerned persons. 

The Onespy app is either used to spy on the spouses, kids or you can use to monitor on the employees too. Many different features help you access most of the data of the phone including messages, phone calls, location, and live screen recording. However, to keep a check on kids about their location and to stay ahead of the time of your employees’ fraud, location tracking and voice calls are the features for your use. 

One of the mobile tracking apps for Track GPS Location is TheOnespy helping people to use both features and the accuracy is guaranteed. So, with the guarantee of no loss of data, you can easily prefer TheOneSpy and track the GPS location or voice calls with many other details. 

Discover the complete call history & call logs 

You can now discover the complete call history along with the contact details and location of the device. This feature of the app allows you to get all the details of call logs with the timestamp of the call through the control panel access. 

It is one of the features that allow you to listen to all the call recordings. You can enable the feature and get them saved on the control panel that is accessed by the web portal. The app is making life easy for parents. They don’t have to ask too many questions or feel scared about the safety of their kids, they can easily manage the app and the life of kids. 

Benefits of tracking calls and location

If you are thinking that there are fewer of all the reasons, just know there are plenty only if you can look into it. Yes, the spying doesn’t seem to be an appropriate move, but kids can be stubborn and still need to save at times. Just because your kids are not listening to you anymore, it doesn’t make parents allow them to burn in hell. So, stay ahead of your children and enjoy the benefits of it. 

  1. Your kids may lie, but you will know their place all the time.
  2. Emergencies can be managed real-quick by tracking the location.
  3. Hearing conversations will benefit you to figure out plans. 
  4. If the phone is lost or stolen, you may have a chance to track your phone through this feature.

All of these benefits are quite huge in implementation. So, you must give it a try for one time. It is for both safety and truth exposing. Life isn’t fair, and you don’t need to face betrayal in this world of technology and convenience when you can be ahead of it. 

How to get the app?

Getting the app is not something tough, it is easy as eating a piece of cake. You need a subscription plan. Once selected, pay the price and you will receive your credentials through the email. Get the target mobile in the possession and you can easily activate the app in it simply following the given instructions. Once done, log-in through the control panel and enjoy the show. 


So, track the phone GPS location and reach to the call logs with all the details you need about those calls on your dashboard. It is easy to install and quicker to activate. So, use the app for your good and protect your kids from getting into the habit of lying. You can also track their location easily if they are in a troubling situation. TheOneSpy app is making it easier for people to be more aware of their life and activities.

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