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How to Track the Location of Someone’s Instagram Account




There are a few reasons why you would want to track the location of someone’s Instagram account. Maybe you are getting spammed on the social media app and need to find out who the account owner is.

You may also want to track the location of someone’s IG account to find out where the account is operated from.

You can use an Instagram locator, also known as ig location tracker, to find out the location of an account user. In addition to a location tracker, there are two other methods. You can use the built-in feature of the application.

Also, you can use a free IP logger tool to find out the IP address of the account. Then you will need to look up where the IP address is operating.

Keep reading to learn tracking the location of someone’s Instagram account.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Please refrain from stalking people. Stalking falls under harassment, and it is illegal. Such acts are also against Instagram’s community guidelines.

Use the Instagram Built-In Feature

The first method is the simplest. Users can tag the locations where their posts were captured.

And to find out the location, you can simply go to the account. Open a post, and see the location. It will be mentioned below their username in the top left corner.

The problem with this method is that people do not necessarily put their real location. For instance, if I put my location, ‘Mars,’ in an Instagram photo, that does not mean I am on Mars. In the same way, you will find people using different locations, and you can not be certain that that is their real locale.

Sometimes, people do not even post their location, making it even more difficult to tell.

But if your account has the location mentioned, and if you know that that is correct, that should solve your problem. If you are unsure whether that location is correct, let’s find another method.

Track IG Account Location from Stories

You might like this one if you are good at finding details and patterns. As an Instagram user, you probably know that the application allows users to tag locations in their stories.

And people do use that feature a lot. This ig location tracker is very simple – like the previous one. All you need to do is to go to the profile you want to track and open their stories.

In the stories look for a location tag in all the stories. Location in Instagram stores is sometimes written in small fonts. So having an eye for detail should help here.

Use an IP Logger

This method is quite pernicious. Meaning, when you try to find the location of someone using this technique, you are going against the Instagram community guidelines and law. Therefore, I do not recommend using this method.

But I am going to share it anyway. Not because I approve of it but because you need to know how to protect yourself online. Or on Instagram, for that matter.

To use an IP logger to track the location of an Instagram account, you need to send them a traceable link.

Such links can be created online for free. An IP logger web application can create a URL that will send back the IP address of the one who clicks it.

Use a Third Party App

This method is for tracking your kid’s Instagram account. Since Instagram allows minors above 13 years of age, you can track your child if necessary.

You can install a third-party application to track your kid’s actions on this social media platform. In addition to all the locations, you can also follow the followers and following of your child.

To follow this technique, you must install the parental control application on your kid’s phone. Then sign in from your account, and you can see everything you need on your phone.

Just be sure to let your child know that you have that app on their phone. Otherwise, they may feel as if you have been spying on them.

There is a downside to this method, though. This method is not useful if you want to find the whereabouts of a spammy or a fake account.

Ethics of IG Location Tracking

If you are being spammed or harassed on IG, you have to report the account. I am sure Instagram will take the necessary actions against the account user. But if you intend to track random IG accounts, you should refrain from doing so.


Simply put, all Instagram account locations can be tracked using various tactics. Grabbing IP addresses, using third-party IG location tracker apps, and using the built-in Instagram location features are the ways to track IG account location.

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Can you track the location of someone’s Instagram account?

Yes, the location of someone’s Instagram account is trackable. There are various methods by which you can do so. For example, using third-party applications or grabbing the account’s IP address are two ways.

How to track an Instagram account using an IP logger?

You send a trackable link to the Instagram account. Once the account holder clicks on the link, it sends you the IP address of the account. Then you can look up the IP address to find where it operates.

How to track someone’s Instagram account using third-party apps?

Third-party applications are paid phone or web apps that you can pay to track the location of an Instagram account.