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How Traveling is Much Easier Nowadays With These Top 5 Apps



Top 5 Apps

Digitalization is increasing day by day. Every task that involved manual interpretation or work is now done with the help of applications. There is a lot of work that digitalization has made easy. Initially, there were websites that were meant to deliver the work done manually. To make the work even easier, the same work can be done on a phone without going anywhere.

Earlier there used to be a lot of difficulties to book any tickets or ask directions to someone. We all had to go to the station/ airport for booking tickets which took a huge time. But now with the help of so many applications that are available, we can do that by sitting at our home. The top 5 ride applications that have helped provide ease in the whole process are:

Google maps & go

This is often the case that when we are going to some new location we forgot the way or we don’t know where to go further. This situation had left all of us helpless. But with the help of this application, we can get to know where e is, what time it will take to reach our destination and which way do we have to take. There is also a voice that keeps on guiding the driver and avoids an accident as he doesn’t have to look on the phone too often.

Indian rail train PNR

There are a lot of times when we book the tickets for the train, we go to the station and then we get to know that the train is late and there is nothing we can do except waiting. But with the help of this application, we can see the status of the train by just giving the PNR number of the train and we can get to know whether to leave for the station at that time or not.

Make My trip

It makes sure that the user gets the best price. The feature of this app is that it helps you book your tickets of all the mediums whether it is a bus, train, and airplane. It also helps you to book the hotel room and gives you a wide variety of choices from different hotels. You can edit the filter and make a fix price band and it will show the result accordingly.

OYO hotel room booking

OYO room is a new venture and has been loved by people around the country. People can book any hotel from any city in the country where they have to go. It helps in pre calculating the expense that will take place. People can select from different price bands.


Uber is the best application that one can get for a ride in the local city or if you’ve to go to some other town. Uber is a cab service company that allows you to book your car online through uber application and you can go anywhere you like to.

9 apps are one of the application providers that provide all the day to day helpful applications including the above applications. All the applications that are available on 9apps can be helpful in making the person entertained, knowledgeable and efficient.

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