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How white label SEO services can help your company?




The majority of people are familiar with or have heard of search engine optimization (SEO), and there are numerous blogs and articles written by SEO specialists on the topic. White label SEO is one of the most well-liked forms of digital product white labeling, which is also on the rise.

Having said that, there are still agencies out there who are either unaware of white label SEO services or the numerous advantages they provide.

This toolkit is just for you if you are a digital, PR, or creative agency that does not yet provide SEO as a service or just started doing so.

So let’s get started right away. By the time you finish reading this article, you should (hopefully) know the answers to the following questions:

What Is White Label SEO?

White label or private labelling and SEO are combined in the term “white label SEO.” White labeling simply entails providing services produced by another company under your brand.

The definition is expanded upon in this in-depth blog post about strategic partnerships and white label marketing services.

The combination of changes you make to your content and website in order to boost organic search traffic is known as SEO.

White label SEO, also known as SEO reselling or private label SEO, simply means that your company sells or offers SEO services to your clients under your brand, but that another SEO agency does all the work.

Let’s say, for example, that your company specializes in creative design, public relations, or email marketing. However, one of your clients has a strong interest in running SEO campaigns and wants you to manage that portion of their digital portfolio as well.

This is wonderful news, so you sign them up right away! But there is one small problem: SEO is not your agency’s forte. Therefore, rather than attempting to learn SEO from scratch, you collaborate with a white label SEO company.

Your white label or private label SEO partner will provide excellent SEO services to your customers with years of experience. As a result, more customers will see you as a rock star and you will be able to expand your business.

How Does a Partnership for White Label SEO Work?

In essence, who oversees what? Right?

The way your agency and a white label SEO company work together depends on who you choose as your provider, how you work together, and what kinds of SEO services you need.

Choosing a white label SEO provider will be discussed in a moment. For the time being, let’s take a look at partnerships and how they might benefit your agency:

Account Management and Client Relationships

In some instances, when a white label agency is chosen as a partner, your agency may be responsible for all account management and client-facing work. After that, all of the SEO campaign optimizations and deliverables will be handled by your white label provider.

Other times, account management and client relationships can be white labelled, and your white label partner will talk to your customers on your behalf. They become a part of your SEO company.

This is extremely beneficial because, in addition to giving the impression that your agency is an expert in SEO, you save money by not having to pay an expert.

Sales Enablement:

Your customers might have mentioned that they would like to investigate SEO as a means of marketing, but you might not have the documentation necessary to demonstrate your expertise and sell them SEO services.

Your white label SEO partner can help with this. Case studies, pitch decks, and market research branded in your name should be provided to you by your service provider so that you can pitch and close sales.

In point of fact, if that is the arrangement, they will contact you on your behalf to close the sale.

Services or partnership?

It’s critical to make this distinction. It’s possible that a white label search engine optimization company won’t be able to offer you both link building and content management services.

You might get a full suite of SEO services from someone else, including campaign insights, monthly reporting, and strategy. Before selecting a service or partner, determine which route is best for your agency and clients.

White Label SEO Partner vs. SEO Reseller

The terms “SEO Reseller” and “white label SEO services” are frequently used interchangeably. However, the two are distinguished by a few distinctions.

If your company decides to merely resell SEO services, this means providing the particular services that your customers require from an SEO reseller. This arrangement typically does not involve any strategy or reporting.

All of these technical details, like account management, client relationships, and the sales process, might be handled by your agency.

For instance, if your client requires link building and blog content, you can acquire these services from a different company and provide them to them.

After that, your agency will decide how to use these services strategically for your client’s SEO efforts and provide a monthly progress report.

However, a white label SEO partnership goes one step further by offering assistance when required. Agency partners earn a higher margin when they join a white label program than SEO resellers do, despite the fact that SEO reseller packages are less expensive.

The Advantages of White Labeling SEO

We are aware of what white label SEO is currently and how a partnership might function. So, what does it mean for your company? Why should you stop working with freelancers, SEO consultants, and independent contractors (ICs)? How positively will white labeling SEO impact your margin?

An in-house solution makes perfect sense for you if you have a tried-and-true procedure, can handle the workload, and produce high-quality campaigns. If not, there are numerous advantages to joining a white label program.

New source of revenue with no overhead

Increase your agency’s revenue by partnering with a reputable white label SEO company if your company does not already provide SEO as a service to its clients.

Your overhead is minimal to nonexistent because there is no employee training or customer acquisition involved.

Experience and expertise in the industry

When you work with a search engine optimization company, you won’t have to start from scratch with a process and infrastructure. Additionally, it indicates that you can immediately benefit from your provider’s credibility and experience.

Land & Expansion:

The fact that the white label provider’s success is also the success of your agency is one of the most important aspects of a SEO partnership. Your white label partner will be happier working with you the more customers your agency brings on board.

Your service provider will provide you with all of the collateral you need to pitch and win SEO clients because of this mutually beneficial relationship.

Cost-effective expansion of an agency The margin is everything!

You can scale your client acquisition, make more money, and not have to worry about hiring new SEO experts based on your markup, as your white label provider suggests.

What to Expect from Your White Label SEO services?

The SEO philosophies of various white label SEO providers will vary. That’s perfectly acceptable. However, it is up to your agency to determine what is best for you and your customers.

For instance, do you keep a list of only local customers or ecommerce customers? Then, when you talk to your potential provider, you should focus on showing that they have done SEO for businesses like those.

Dashboard for Reporting Your company ought to have access to a 24/7 SEO reporting dashboard. We are all aware of how essential it is to promptly provide clients with campaign updates. Because of this, your company absolutely needs a dashboard for reporting.

SEO Campaign Roadmap Your white label SEO services must provide you with an SEO roadmap, especially if you choose to white label SEO rather than resell SEO services.

The proposed SEO strategy, why it was chosen, and how it will be implemented should all be laid out in detail on this road map.

Additionally, you can anticipate receiving a benchmark report that details the outcomes of your client’s current SEO efforts.

The foundation of your clients’ SEO success is on-site (or on-page) optimization, which includes optimizing title tags, H1s, crawlability, and many other factors.

Off-site Optimization (also known as off-page optimization) At its core, off-site SEO is about marketing and promoting content. This means that you should be able to use the value of your content to get featured or mentioned in other reputable websites or blogs.

Link building (also known as link acquisition) is an important part of content promotion.

The creation of website content includes more than just blogs. In addition, it offers e-books, polls, quizzes, white papers, custom graphics, video, slideshows, infographics, and a lot more.

In addition, if adding additional content to your pages will help them become more visible in searches, you should anticipate that your white label company will do so.

Although the content deliverables provided by white label SEO companies will vary, it is important to ensure that they provide a comprehensive selection.


Search engine optimization necessitates extensive research and monitoring. Focusing on your core competencies is your goal as a creative, PR, or digital agency.

A partnership with a reputable white label SEO company gives you an advantage over competitors in your market because they are typically experts in their field.