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In 2020, ML and AI will Go beyond Automation



In 2020, ML and AI will Go beyond Automation

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most promising technologies and a lot can be expected from the integration of these technologies. Machine learning has been catching the fancy of the world for a very long time, simply because it is turning out to be quite beneficial for various sectors. The impact of ML and AI on corporates as well as several other fields has been huge, be it the agriculture industry or the healthcare industry. In fact, it is believed that the core of the key fundamentals of the various sectors has improved with the advent of ML and AI. Basically, these technologies are termed as futuristic technologies as they hold a lot of potentials to enhance the future.


The massive growth of AI and ML

Machine Learning is turning out to be one of the fruitful technologies for the world as it enables a way to analysis. The main reason why ML is used is to generate and assess the vast majority of data to drive insights that will help the business, the industry or the project. Basically, the main aim of the ML-based tools is to ease the process of predictive analysis. The teams who have the caliber to make the most of ML and AI can make strong and efficient decisions without any hassle.

In the first quarter of 2019, ML is supposed to have huge funding, somewhere around $28.5 billion globally. And, a lot more investment is expected in the field of ML, AI, and even deep learning.

Understanding ML, AI, Automation and Augmentation

Let’s start with AI: AI is nothing but the technology which is developed to mimic humans and to automate the processes. Whereas, ML is an application AI which is aimed to offer the tools the ability to learn and advance automatically. The devices are programmed to experience things without any need for explicit programming. The demand and the use of AI and ML are increasing massively. And, in the coming years, AI-powered assistants, ML-powered tools, etc. will be high in number.

The core purpose of ML and AI is automation, however, that’s definitely not the only purpose. In this article, we will talk about the importance and focus shift on augmentation.


Let’s understand the relation of Augmentation and ML

With the help of the intelligence augmentation approach, the technology will be better. Augmentation and Machine Learning consulting solutions are used to empower people’s innate skills. The technology is used to add more value to people’s personal lives. Also, ML is used to boost the performance of the enterprises. As with the help of ML, a lot of new capabilities can be added.

The mystery that most ML experts face is that the amount of data is greater but the quality of the data is low. Therefore, the data has to be tested appropriately. Data augmentation is the most generic form of ML augmentation. It is used to make the model more powerful. Therefore, the experts will have to create a high volume of data-set.


Augmentation for images

Practitioners need to have a huge variety of datasets. As the performance of the ML model is based on the quality of the data. Therefore, in order to enhance the quality of the data, the ML experts use the power of augmentation. The data is augmented in order to enhance the quality of the data sets. Especially, the deep learning models are benefitted extensively by the power of augmentation. There are several tools that are designed for image augmentation. As, with the help of apt augmentation, the quality of the deep learning models will be higher.


Augmented AI

The utilization of augmented Artificial Intelligence personalizes the AI. AI will become a lot more valuable. The AI-based tools are used to anthropomorphize even the most inanimate items to socialize. Humans have been humanizing objects to talk to them. Humanization of the material is done to converse with them. Generally, a large number of artificial intelligence solutions are trained to learn and use the anomalous behavior from a model. Therefore, the modes can be adjusted accordingly. Thus, the presence of new words as a replacement of the old words is also seen.


ML and automation

Automation is expected to create value far beyond the generic understanding of the data. Also, automation makes the complete outcome of ML and AI a lot more interesting. Therefore, whether we talk about automation or augmentation, both AI and ML will be preferred. In the year 1962, there were some statements related to augmentation: increasing the capability of humans to approach tremendously intricate troublesome circumstances. The main aim of augmentation is to attain a high level of comprehension. As, with the help of complete understanding, the experts will be able to fulfill the specific requirements. Therefore, human capabilities related to imagination, creativity, decision making, etc. will be augmented.

The main purpose of ML and AI is to empower humans and by far, the technologies have been empowering humans in multiple ways. Therefore, even in the coming years the use of ML and AI is expected to increase beyond expectation.

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