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Incorporating Chatbots in Customer Service: It Serves You Right!



Incorporating Chatbots in Customer Service: It Serves You Right!

Technology is one such realm which keeps on changing overnight. Some people call it a passing fad while others a seismic shift, AI chatbots definitely falls into the latter category. Now there’s a lot of lingoes thrown around in regards to the term and, more often than not, unfortunately not much has been done about it. The post shows how these techs have become a prominent part of doing business that you no longer need to acknowledge it.

Interacting with technology on a daily basis has become a norm where businesses all across the globe strongly rely on to engage with customers, of course with the help of emerging disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, IoT. Call it a digital transformation or a mere hype; all business eyes seem to have been enrolled to rise to the occasion. Further, you will have a better idea about how being the most powerful up-and-coming tools; chatbots can have actual conversations, and make consumers lives better.

Imagine yourself as Aladdin who is seeking for something and all of a sudden you encounter “Genie,” how does that feel? Similarly, while browsing apparels online, you happen to meet your personal stylist online who assists you well and make specific recommendations for clothing you need to purchase right from matching outfits to accessories. Isn’t that such a bliss! Gone are the days when customer required going through filters or hundreds of search results to click through. Well, the story does not end here; your stylist also has the potential to offer recommendations depending on your previous purchased size and budget, as well as available inventory. It feels like getting input from a trusted buddy, and all you require doing is decide upon something, and then click once to purchase. Do you think your online stylist is someone for real? Of course not!

Recent improvements to messaging, Chatbots have been gaining momentum worldwide. I have come across many of you who have this misconception that artificial intelligence, machine learning, are just to brush up through product listings and return search results. But they are way beyond you think? In addition to these monotonous tasks, these techs can learn and save customer preferences, customize results to match those preferences, and even recommend products that others found useful or entire outfits to match a customer’s personal style. One of the proven used cases is Rue21, a specialty retailer of teen apparel and accessories came up with AI-powered virtual style bots that easily learn a shopper’s interest and preferences, respond to their every request and even give recommendations (the relevant ones). The bot comprises features to simplify and personalize the shopping process for customers, improving their overall brand experience. It is very crucial for you to know that today you, as a customer, have the most buying power – all thanks to chatbots.

Further below I would like to shed some light on how a chatbot enhances customer experiences

  1. Seamless live chat

Isn’t that obvious! Having a conversation with chatbot seems like having a virtual conversation with live customer support. And since many chatbots use natural language processing methods, they can analyze the customer’s queries and respond in such a way that meets the customer’s needs. Check this out!!

Incorporating Chatbots in Customer Service: It Serves You Right!

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In general, chatbots can be seamlessly integrated into the company’s website or smartphone apps; this saves the customer in regards to time and energy. Which also means, customers can talk to your brand at any time without leaving their favorite messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. According to sources, over 8 million messages have been exchanged between Facebook users and businesses that are using Facebook’s chatbot live chat since its inception, but less than 1% of companies that have a Facebook profile are actually using the technology.

  1. 24/7 availability

Your live chat support staff might need some sleep, but that doesn’t mean your chatbot needs to. Being a virtual customer, we aren’t bound to any time limits have the right to arise outside of business hours. As a business, you must find some way out to get answers to even their vital questions even when your existing staff members aren’t available. The best chatbots can also offer the customer the feeling of conversing with a live operator at any time.

  1. Possibilities are endless

If you think that chatbots are created only to let computers do the things they were built to than you might be wrong because these bots have the potential to simulate human intelligence in no time. According to the CEO of chatbot development firm Drift, A brand shouldn’t try to build a human-like chatbot; a great chatbot should be able to take actions that maximize their chances of success toward achieving particular goals.”

  1. Simpler and smoother Journey

In order to ease the purchasing process for your end customers, your tiny tool can easily be found on any page; be it a product page or home page to offer additional information, video content, and even a discount or promo code at times. It also helps customers with the process of gathering information, such as the item they wish to purchase, the method they want to use for purchasing the item, and how they want it shipped.

  1. Bid adieu to IVR

One of the biggest complaints heard from a customer’s mouth is that customer service processes have the use of interactive voice response (IVR) systems during phone calls to customer support. These systems ask the customer questions and route the customer’s call based on their voice responses. IVR systems are highly structured, routing the customer through each response until it reaches the pre-programmed destination.

The time has come when less IVR-induced frustration has erased completely. The customer feels like their voice is being heard and understood, while the chatbot can try to lead them towards either an answer based on previous situations or to a human representative.

Chatbots across Industries

  • Education- Have you come across AdmitHub? This is the best example to think of when we are talking about chatbots in the education industry. The higher education bot shows how it can be used to convey information in such a way that students wish to consume. With the help of the bot, students from Georgia state university can navigate the often confusing road of transitioning to college.
  • Banking– When Piloted the virtual assistant with several hundred employees, Wells Fargo, a chatbot or Facebook messenger now plans to extend chatbots to a few thousand customers later. In a layman’s language, Customers can ask where the nearest ATM is and how much money is present in their account.
  • Retail– Why chatbots in retail is considered as a great option? These bots enhance customer satisfaction levels, which directly or indirectly has the potential to improve revenue margins. Being simple enough to integrate and easy to reach, these bots seem to be turning out to be a win-win situation for both customers and retailers. Let me show you how chatbots can help to attract and engage buyers?
    1. Notify customers about new items in stock
    2. Help shoppers find items
  1. Swift order processing
  2. Efficient service
  3. In-store shopping assistance
  • Travel– Famous Travel companies like, Kayak, Sky scanner have launched bots of their own on Facebook Messenger and Slack. These tiny bunch of joy helps the travellers to book their hotels without much hassle. In addition to this, several travel-related companies like Hyatt hotels,, Uber have now integrated with Facebook messenger.
  • Hospitality- For hoteliers and restaurateurs, automation serves as a pure bliss when it comes to creating a solution related to productivity issues, labor costs, and the best way to ensure consistent, streamlined production procedures across the system. One of the most significant factors seen in a running successful online Business is the accurate and immediate delivery of information to the end customers, especially in today’s price-sensitive and competitive Hospitality and Travel industry.

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