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Innovation Towards Green Future: Trends and Advances in Renewable Energy



Innovation Towards Green Future: Trends and Advances in Renewable Energy

Since the birth of life on Earth, man has been using various resources to fulfill their energy needs. This includes burning of wood for the fire and using that fire for heating, cooking, or surviving purposes. Thus the use of Earth’s environmental resources has not stopped.

The concept of clean energy and the use of renewable resources came hundreds of years after we finally realized that we are depleting the resources. We then recognized that these resources cannot be restored or recycled for our various uses. Since then, with the help of numerous environmental research and campaigns, we have understood the importance of renewable energy resources that produce clean energy.

It is significantly important that we save Earth from disasters. This is why the last two to three decades have witnessed thousands of people making the switch towards clean energy sources. Moreover, a number of developed countries and their governments which adopted and endorsed clean energy became the harbingers of change in this regard.

Main sources of renewable energy


  1. Solar energy

Solar energy is by far the most implemented and used of all the renewable energy sources in the current era. This is because of its vast availability. Due to this and the increasingly high rising temperatures around the globe, extracting and utilizing solar energy is one of the best options out there.

Solar energy software is more developed and advanced than any other energy software to be used domestically as well as commercially. This enunciates the leaps technology has been making towards a clean environment.

1. Wind energy

The use of wind energy is not a new concept. The rising importance of moving towards a cleaner and greener planet has highlighted its importance in today’s era. Wind-generated power stations are quite common, and the technological advances made in this regard are huge.

2. Geothermal energy

Not quite fully developed for common use, the geothermal energy is majorly used for heating and cooling purposes. It is estimated that very high energy reservoirs are required for heating or cooling big buildings. With scientific advances in geothermal energy, this area of clean energy production also looks quite promising.

Trends and advances in renewable energy sources for a clean future

1. Mobility and security solutions

Innovation Towards Green Future: Trends and Advances in Renewable Energy


Apart from the production of electricity for domestic and commercial purposes, the world is now moving towards clean energy in other sectors also. China is known to be the leader in producing electric vehicles with European and American vehicle markets in the row. India’s vehicular industry advances also promise electrification of most of their cars by 2030.

This major technological progression is radically related to advancements made in batteries enabling stable energy solutions with improved grid management.

2. Tidal energy

Another significant technological advancement toward a clean and green future is harnessing the tidal energy. One of Spain’s most renowned clean energy firm is known to be testing high-end marine devices. This will enable them to exploit the tidal and wave energy from oceans, bringing it to the Earth for energy production.

The company is said to be working on prototypes from the coasts of Cantabria in Spain and Orkney Islands in Scotland.

3. Grid Parity

One of the most admirable and praiseworthy leaps that clean energy has made is the solar and wind power achieving grid parity. It implies that they have equated energy production by conventional methods and are now standing equal in terms of cost and performance.

These renewable energy sources are now enabling increased grid reliability and resilience. With clean energy grids and storage solutions, the centralized conventional energy distribution channels are being changed to optimized and efficient energy distribution systems.

4. Energy storage

Advancements in clean energy and renewable sources are not possible if clean energy doesn’t seem to be reliable. With the idea of solar energy being used to provide electric power to a household or commercial consumer, the next most unavoidable thought pops up; that is, how is it going to work in days with less or no sunlight, or importantly at night.

Integrating a storage system with a clean energy resource caters to this doubt while ensuring that all intermittency issues are addressed. Due to this primary leap in clean energy, the world is looking at going completely off the grid. This means not relying on the traditional energy resources and not being connected to any grid station at all.

5. Big guns committed to clean energy

A considerable number of big companies are seen contributing to clean energy as a part of their corporate social responsibility. This promise by influential companies ensures high tech advances for clean energy solutions.

Also, the big guns jumping in and endorsing the need for a cleaner and greener future of our Earth assertively means big funding in this area. Funding is an essential aspect of developing clean energy.

6. Microgrids

With the invention of microgrids that are integrating machine learning, the operation of energy grids has seen another level of highly optimized performance. The microgrids are able to perform autonomously or when they are connected to a larger grid.  

Final word

Nothing can be more uplifting than knowing that your future is in secure hands. We should think the same for our mother Earth. Renewable energy is the future of clean energy consumption and the safest bet to save our planet. The advancements and innovation in the technology and development of clean energy solutions are building upon the dream of a green future.

However, more infrastructural and mindset change is needed to fully fuel the idea of a clean and green Earth. The latest advancements are promising and would lead to a better world for all of us. Let’s take action and leave an appreciable legacy behind.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.