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Is PC Gaming Better Than Buying a Console?



Best Gaming PC Singapore

Is playing games on the best gaming PC Singapore better than a gaming console? While consoles are more economical, each platform delivers a distinctive experience. However, gaming PCs can do every function a console can, and sometimes even better.

Customization, upgradeability, better aesthetics, game availability, and overall performance are just a few advantages PC gaming has over console gaming.

Here are 10 reasons why playing games on a computer is preferable to playing them on a console.


Even while many gaming PC solutions are more expensive than gaming consoles, it’s crucial to account for console-specific charges, such as yearly or monthly online membership fees and more expensive games.

A gaming PC might cost between SGD 1400 and SGD 4000 upfront. While consoles can cost SGD 500 –SGD 800, PCs have substantially lower lifetime costs. Since a new console is released every five to seven years, the older ones become obsolete and are unable to run more recent games. Gaming consoles may be pricey or challenging to fix.

Over time, the price differential might become more costly when using consoles, increasing the overall cost. Although the hardware may be upgraded over time to survive longer, gaming PCs typically last 7 to 10 years. 

Another benefit you get when buy desktop Singapore as opposed to a console is that you may pick the precise parts and components you want to enhance your experience rather than having to wait for the release of a console’s pro version to have a faster or better screen.

Equipment upgradeability:

A major consideration when choosing a gaming PC over a console is hardware upgradeability. Although the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles’ new hardware designs are moving closer to those of PCs, they are still constrained by the stock hardware that came with them when they were manufactured. In contrast, a gaming PC offers a wide range of hardware options, including CPUs, power supplies, RAM, and even graphics cards.

With this flexibility, you can customize your gaming PC to meet your unique preferences and requirements, giving visuals, frame rate, and gameplay experience a priority. You may modify and choose a different CPU, cooler, motherboard, RAM, GPU, memory, and other components when purchasing an Apex Gaming PC.


One of the primary reasons people prefer playing games on a PC over a gaming console is better performance. If you select higher-grade components, your PC will last longer and provide a smoother gaming experience.

Because gaming PCs often have more powerful components than gaming consoles, they typically deliver better graphics and frame rates. Game consoles are inferior to modern gaming PCs since they produce less heat and have cheaper manufacturing expenses. The majority of console games have a 60-frame-per-second restriction, which is occasionally exceeded. 

Contrarily, gaming PCs are capable of exceeding 140 frames per second, and the Apex Zen can even do this at high resolutions up to 4K. Furthermore, PC games feature built-in options that let you modify the visual graphics display to fit your PC’s hardware, which makes it simpler to get a decent frame rate. 

More variety of games:

The greater selection of games accessible on gaming PCs gives them a significant edge over consoles in another regard. PCs have a considerably greater selection of games than gaming consoles, ranging from MMOs to browser games. Even titles that were formerly only available on a certain device, like Halo and many other Xbox games, are now only available on PC.

Additionally, a sizable number of independent game creators, both experienced and novice, only publish their games on PC. While PC games are accessible on many online retailers like Steam, Epic Game Store, and Humble Bundle, all of which offer promotions and discounts, digital games for consoles must be purchased through their stores or apps.

Unique games:

While some games are console-only, the PC has more exclusives than the majority of consoles. There are countless independent games available for download on the internet since it is now simpler and more feasible than ever to make your own game.

Additionally, many independent games are exclusively accessible on PC because it is expensive to adapt games for consoles. Since the majority of distributors will provide exclusive discounts to promote PC game sales, games that are not exclusive nevertheless benefit from being on the platform.

Better control:

Whether wireless or not, the majority of controllers used for gaming on consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation also work on PCs, providing you with extra options. Consoles typically limit you to using just official third-party models and their proprietary controllers.

Most PC gamers utilize a mouse and keyboard, especially for first-person shooter games since they offer more accuracy and precision. Competent e-sports competitors frequently play with a mouse and keyboard rather than a game controller. Having said that, many PC games allow you to utilize console controllers just fine, allowing you the option to play your favorite games as you’d want.