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Is QR Code Free For Business To use Their On Cards



Business cards can help promote your brand. They can connect potential clients with your business. You can embed free or subscription-based QR codes into your business cards for easy and convenient information sharing. A QR code business card allows you to share more information about your brand without compromising your card’s aesthetic appeal.

Free and Subscription QR Codes

Free QR codes are known as static codes—they can be generated using QR code software found online. Paid-for QR codes are called dynamic codes—they require a paid subscription as they’re more complex.

Static QR Codes

A static QR code is a code that can’t be overwritten once it’s generated. You can generate the codes for free online, making them suitable for businesses with limited marketing budgets or those partaking in one-off marketing campaigns. The codes store information that can’t be edited, so you should be careful when embedding data. Here are some examples of static QR codes:

Wifi QR Code

This is an excellent option if you’re running a one-off onsite campaign like a marketing seminar. You can embed Wifi QR codes on your business cards to allow customers to connect to your internet without inputting a password. Instead, they only need to scan the code, and your Wifi credentials will be automatically filled in on their devices.

Email QR Code

An email QR code allows customers to send emails without typing in your email address. To offer this convenience, you only have to embed your email address in the code.

Text QR Code

You can pass texts or coupon codes to your customers through QR codes. These codes are a convenient way of sending long messages to your customers as they don’t take up much space.

vCard QR Code

This code gives clients instant access to your contact information. You only need to fill in the contact information you don’t want to include on your card and link it to your code.

Website QR Code

This code leads customers to your business website. It can make finding your site easier if you share a business name with other companies.

Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR code is a code encoded with a short redirection URL. The information you want to communicate isn’t linked to the code itself, as with static codes. Instead, the data is on a website, and the code redirects customers to that website.

Businesses have to pay for dynamic QR codes as they offer more freedom than static codes— you can edit them as often as you need without reprinting a new code. These codes also allow you to track data scans and use them to identify potential leads. Types of dynamic QR codes include:

Social Media QR Codes

These codes redirect customers to your chosen social media pages. They’re ideal for boosting your social media following or increasing engagement.

Menu QR Codes

These codes are ideal for businesses in the hospitality sector. They allow them to market their menus without wasting too much space on their business cards.

PDF QR Codes

These codes allow you to share long content with your customers. With these codes, your audience can download and save or share your files with others.

Feedback QR Codes

These codes direct customers to feedback forms, allowing them to share their opinions on your products or services.

Are Subscription (Dynamic) QR Codes Worth It?

Subscription QR codes are worthwhile as they offer you more flexibility with editing. You don’t need to reproduce your business cards if you’re running a marketing campaign with varying content. Also, you can edit the code’s URL and run varying campaigns with the same QR code.

Subscription codes also allow you to track your marketing campaigns, so you can adjust your tactics when necessary. They give you data on the number of scans made, the devices used to make the scans, and clients’ locations.

A QR Code Business Card Is Integral to Your Marketing Campaign

Investing in a QR code business card allows you to convey the information you intend to pass to clients without affecting your card’s aesthetics. You can generate static QR codes if you’re looking for a free solution or if you intend to run a one-off campaign. Dynamic codes are more suitable if you’re running a large marketing campaign requiring numerous adjustments or tracking. Tracking dynamic QR codes can reveal inefficiencies in your current campaign, allowing you to make changes to boost performance. Make your business cards more informative by embedding QR codes.

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