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Jared Dasilva – Creating The Future Of Miami Technology



Jared Dasilva is a Brazilian-American Tech entrepreneur in the Miami community. His agency NXTLVL tech has published more than 40 applications on the App Store in less than 16 months. Dasilva has the winning mentality when it comes to giving it all for his business. The hard work and sleepless nights have led NXTLVL to the top of the Miami tech scene.

The mission statement of NXTLVL has dependably been to “Create the Future,” and that is exactly what they are doing. NXTLVL is a creative tech agency which brings ideas of business visionaries and innovators to reality in a short time period. The goal is to build an application around a brand, as branding is the most essential part of the success of any business. NXTLVL has a saying that 1 month in the tech world is like a year in the real world.

DaSilva’s tech career started out with a dating application for Instagram in South Florida named Mingyl. The app connected Instagram users with common interests through an algorithm, well before Direct Messaging and hashtags existed on the app.

Following in the footsteps of his idols the legendary Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, DaSilva left his full-time job to move to Silicon Valley. It was in this time he met established connections from associates at Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple. These encounters in the Valley his life as he brought his agency back to the East coast and planted foot in Miami, Florida.

Jared recommends UDemy courses to his coders and pioneers who are starting out on the team. These courses end up being helpful for everybody as it separates the whole application creation process in a step by step method to make learning the programming process easier for everyone.

NXTLVL’s top project is known as “Spotless”. A simplified version of an “Uber for Maids,” with the expectation of complimentary cleaning by gaining rewards by sharing and booking through the application. The spotless cleaner will visit your home to make the place perfect.

NXTLVL is expecting to have more than 60 applications made under the brand by the end of 2020. The agency is currently working on a few AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) applications that will be in development all through 2019 and beyond.

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