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Even the most profound understanding of the way cryptocurrency and the blockchain works proves itself to be a sort of surreal undertaking, offering a distinctly awe-inspiring glimpse at the world we could all be living in soon – but that can be a lot to take in. Even if you’ve got that one friend who can tell you all about it, who had a Bitcoin before it was cool, or a CryptoPunk before it was in the hands of a rockstar, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, or where to go next for your investment. Enter, PolkaParty.

PolkaParty is a platform designed to allow users to gain access to Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in a de-stigmatised and interactive way. Utilising a gamification process, PolkaParty allows users to group together in parties that make investment decisions based on the model they choose; Monarchy, Democracy, Weighted Democracy and Republic. Investors of all types and all levels are given the opportunity to choose how they discover, interact and invest in the market, earning in-app rewards and prizes including badges, tokens and partypasses along the way.

“Polkaparty exists to be the on-ramp to decentralised finance” – Jamie Gardner COO.

In an effort to create a seamless experience for users to join friends, public influencers and DeFi veterans, PolkaParty presents itself as a refreshing take on what is both a complex and fast-evolving digital space. Lead developer Tim Baldwin is joined by industry leading developers and experts Michael Hewitt and Jamie Gardner, each with an impressive resume in cryptocurrency, gaming and marketing. They combine a unique skill set with industry know-how, steering PolkaParty toward longevity, sustainability and ultimately profitability, ensuring the platform is poised to help its users navigate and take full control of their DeFi experience.

Coinciding with the release of the PolkaParty platform, PolkaParty’s official token POLP is set for launch through the Ethereum blockchain via UniSwap.

For the latest updates and information, check-out PolkaParty’s pitch deck, join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter, and follow their channel on YouTube.

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