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Know More About the Industrial Power Distribution Panels



Know More About the Industrial Power Distribution Panels

The power distribution panels and systems are used in the industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential spaces as well. The two main forms of these distribution panels include the power distribution panelboard (or power panel) and the lighting panel boards. In cases where less than 10% of circuit protection devices of the panel are being used for protecting appliances and lighting circuits, it is a power distribution panel. This definition and classification of power panels have been provided by NEC Article 408 (2005). Power distribution panels are also larger than the lighting panelboards and are used in the commercial and industrial environment. Therefore, in a power distribution panel, a number of current and circuit protection devices will be rated at 30 amperes or higher. The power distribution panelboards are used for connecting the high power consuming machinery and devices, including generators, motors, large pumps, and the other Industrial-grade electrical equipment.


Industrial Power Distribution Panels

The industrial distribution panels or the panels that are used in industrial facilities and commercial settings typically possess a greater complexity. The panel consists of the branch and main disconnect meters for measuring the power consumed, connecting and disconnecting devices for initiating or stopping the flow of electricity, transformers and conductors. The panelboards, transformers, and switchboards distribute the power in circuits. Circuit breaker (or protective fuse for the individual circuits) is located in the enclosure as well. The new power distribution boards or panels also have the Residual Current Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO) or the Residual Current Devices (RCD). This technology and the upgraded devices have now replaced the “mains” switches, which were commonly observed in the traditional and older panelboards.


Location Of The Power Panel

Because of reasons including security and aesthetics, the industrial distribution power boards are mostly located in the attics, closet, basement, and in other “out of the way” areas of the facility. Laws in the US prohibit the installation of distribution panel in rooms, bathroom, or other similar areas or room. The important consideration here is to install the panel and distribution board in an area where it remains easily accessible.

The new power distribution panelboards work at 600 Vac and possess the density or temperature rated copper/aluminum bus that is also connected to the surge protective devices. Thus fluctuations in current and surge will not affect your distribution board adversely. The equipment and machinery will also be protected from the current deviations. The integrated power monitoring systems ensure that the board remains safe and reliable while offering the highest utility. Many of the new boards do not require unique mounting as well and can well integrate with the existing platform. You have the least material requirements with the new panel boards, and the installation time is greatly reduced. The simplified wiring further adds to the convenience of usage.

A leading supplier can provide to the right power distribution panel from specification ranging from 200 amp to 1200 amp. Talk to a reputed agency, and get a free consultation and quote on your existing needs.

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