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Learn Everything About Indian Visa from Laos



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Did you know that Laos shears its border with Vietnam? So, you can add it to your list when you plan a trip. But wait, do you need a visa to travel to Indian Visa from Laos
? How can you get your Laos visa?

If you have any of these questions and more, worry not. In this blog, I’ll give you all the information you need about Laos visas for Indians. Let’s get started:

Do Indians Need A Laos Visa?

Yes. Indian citizens must have a visa if they travel to Laos. There are different visas available to travelers depending on their purpose of travel. Indian citizens can get a visa on arrival; an evisa is also available.

How To Get Your Laos Visa For Indians On Your Phone!

If your looking to travel to Laos, the fastest and most efficient way to apply for your tourist visa is through Atlys!

The best thing about Atlys is that you don’t have to worry about gathering the required documents. You can simply scan your passport, take your visa photo on the app, and Atlys will generate hotel itinerary and flight itinerary at no additional cost!

All you need to do is fill in some basic detail and submit them, and Atlys will do the hard work for you and notify you when your application is approved.

Everything About The Laos Visa For Indians

This section will give you all the information you need before applying for your Laos visa for Indian passport holders. So let’s get into it:

What Is A Laos Visa For Indians?

A Indian Visa Airport and Seaports for exit is a document that you will need if you wish to enter the country legally. This visa will allow you to stay and travel in the county for a set time, depending on your applied visa.

Can Indians Apply For Laos Visa Online?

Yes. Indians can apply for their Laos visa online through Atlys in the comfort of their own home easy and effortless or through the Laos evisa portal

Is There Laos Visa On Arrival For Indians?

Yes. Indian citizens qualify for a visa on arrival to Laos, provided they meet the requirements for the application process. But, this visa on arrival is for a single entry only for 30 days.

To void the frustrations of queuing and applying upon arrival, you can get your visa in the comfort of your home approved before you go to Laos with Atlys.

What Is The Laos Visa Fees For Indians?

The Laos visa cost for Indians is USD 52, approximately INR 4302. The Laos visa on arrival fees will cost Indian citizens USD 35, approximately INR 28963. Therefore, you will need to bring cash to pay for this visa-on-arrival fee.

If you encounter any troubles when paying for your visa fees, the simplest solution is to pay with Atlys.

What Is The Laos Visa For Indians Processing Times?

The online visa application processing time can vary. Still, in most cases, it can take 3 to 5 business days for the application to be processed and for you to get an approved application email.