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Lensa | How to use AI to create an avatar from your photo



Lensa is an app for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones that uses Artificial Intelligence to create artistic avatars with your photos. The app, which became popular on Instagram , is simple to use, and your only job is to select which photographs will be transformed.

In addition to the “Magic Avatars” feature that creates digital versions of your images with AI, Lensa offers some editing tools for you to modify photos without leaving the application. Next, learn how to use Lensa to create AI-powered avatars.

How to Create an Avatar with Lensa

  1. Open the Lensa app on your phone;
  2. On the home screen, tap on “Magic Avatars” (a glowing emoji icon) in the upper left corner;
  3. Tap “Try it now” and then “Continue”;
  4. Check the box agreeing to the terms of use;
  5. Tap the yellow button to select up to 20 photos from the gallery;
  6. Mark your gender;
  7. Choose a payment option and tap “Buy for (plan value)”;
  8. Authorize payment to finalize.

Ready. After the payment is approved, wait until Lensa completes the Artificial Intelligence transformation of the images. You can browse other apps on your smartphone while you wait, as Lensa takes up to 20 minutes to complete the procedure.

Lensa separates Artificial Integellence generated images into categories like “Anime”, “Style” and “Adventure”. To save all items in your mobile gallery, tap “Save All Avatars”.

Tips for the best result in Lensa

Lensa lets you select multiple images saved in your phone’s gallery. However, to get the best results with Artificial Intelligence, the app itself makes some recommendations:

  • Minimum of 10 photos and maximum of 20;
  • Be the same person in every photo;
  • No other persons must appear in the photos;
  • Select only selfies and portraits;
  • Choose photos with varied backgrounds;
  • Use photos with different facial expressions;
  • Varied head angles;
  • No nudes or explicit photos;
  • No children in the photos, adults only.

Even with the popularity on social networks, Lensa remembers that the results may not be completely accurate. It is even possible to notice deformities and other points of attention in some photos, even more so if you choose the option of 200 unique portraits.

Is Lensa free?

Lensa is free to try for seven days. After this period, it will be necessary to purchase a subscription of BRL 7.08 per month (total of BRL 84.90 per year) to continue using the platform.

Even during the one-week free trial, the magic avatars function is paid. Prices in US are as follows:

  • 50 unique avatars (5 variations of 10 styles): US$22.90;
  • 100 unique avatars (10 variations of 10 styles): US$34.90;
  • 200 unique avatars (20 variations of 10 styles): US$ 44.90.

Payment can be made using the balance or credit card registered in your account on the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Lensa subscribers can purchase one of the packages at a discount.

Other functions of Lensa

Lensa is not just limited to the creation of avatars by Artificial Intelligence. In fact, the app is an all-in-one photo and video editor with tons of features for color correction, face retouching, background changer and other effects popular in social media apps.

To use Lensa as a traditional image editor, just tap the “+” icon on the app’s home screen and apply the desired changes. All content can be saved on your smartphone.

Is Lensa safe?

Launched in 2016, Lensa is a creation of Prisma Labs. And in its Privacy Policy , the developer is quite clear about data collection.

That is, when using the application, almost all of your personal information is sent to the company’s servers. This includes initial registration data, browsing history and online activity, and behavioral tracking on third-party websites. If you are a registered user, Prisma Labs also collects email, device ID, date and time of authorization to use Lensa and Play Store or App Store data.

However, the developer reinforces in the terms of use that this information is only used to improve the use of Lensa, providing a personalized experience for each user.