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Major Changes in Timekeeping made by the Attendance Management Systems



Major Changes in Timekeeping made by the Attendance Management Systems

There are a lot of changes since the inception of the technological advancements in the industry, there are a lot of changes in each and every process, job profile, and the entire functioning of the organizations at all levels. But the way we are marking employee presence is static since the 20th century. The age-old method of using paper-pen to mark and process the attendance data has hardly witnessed any significant changes except the use of generic Spreadsheet tools to compile the data. Using formulae to calculate the attendance is also equally counter-productive and costs more than the value it delivers to the company. The article focuses on the recent advances in the technology which are used in the modern Attendance Management Systems provided with the HR Software solutions working on the cloud computing model. Dive in deeper to get insights regarding the use of Attendance Management System in your company and the benefits of doing so. 

New Tools to Mark Attendance:

The musters are replaced with the biometric machines and NFC to make the process reliable and robust. The automation in capturing the employee presence fights the widespread fraudulent practices in timekeeping, which are omnipresent. They curb the practices such as proxy attendance marking, buddy punching, time theft, which drain a significant amount of money on a monthly basis. The total at the year-end accounts for some of the largest losses as salary constitutes a major portion of the expenses made by it. The use of ESS Portals is also an innovative way of reducing the queuing which occurs near the cyber-physical terminals. The employees can use their smart devices to mark presence over the internet connection. The modern HR Software solutions also provide the Geo-fencing technology which enables the staff personnel to mark presence only inside the office premises and thus adds to the security of the system. As a result of the computer-based system, there is no probability of data being overseen or it being omitted due to any reason. The company can totally depend on the automation to generate data without any human intervention being involved at any level.  

Integration and Accessibility for Agile Data Processing:

The cloud-based HR solutions have great integration capabilities along with Accessibility, which allows the users to get data from multiple channels, as mentioned before on a simultaneous basis. The system gathers and synchronizes the information to a central server over the cloud where a single facility can process it without any manual correspondence with the place of origin of data. This means that you can use the system at all your office locations without paying high, and there is no need for local support staff to facilitate the record keeping. The system calculates the attendance, and the information is used by the Payroll Processing Module to generate employee’s salaries. The attendance is the most significant pay component on which the calculations of all other components is made. Thus, we can rely on automatic processing for generating reports used by the management and the auditors.

Advanced Configuration Capabilities to Adaptability: 

The configuration is the key to the successful implementation and usability of an online attendance management tool in any company. All the organizations have their own specific set of requirements which are to be included in the attendance policies. This requires customization of the attendance components, leave policy, weekly offs, holiday list. The policy also needs to accommodate changes in the policy based on the cadre, department, seniority, location to make it functional. As the HR administrator can set the attendance policy for all the employees as per the evolving needs of the company with the policies being enforced together on a single platform, there is no need of human intervention for the smooth management. Shift policies are also made effortlessly functional with the system making the validation of the leave vs. attendance data. The employees can use ESS Portals to see the leave balance, which eases decision making. 

As a collective result of the modern advancements being used and the automation’s benefits at the administrative end; there are a lot of changes on the grass root level. Thus, if you want to simplify the time keeping in your company, go for a dedicated Attendance Management System.

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development