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Mobile applications: understand why the company should invest in it



Mobile applications: understand why the company should invest in it

Mobile applications are already part of the reality of the business world, following the irreversible trend of the massive presence of technology in people’s lives.

That is why it is not an exaggeration to say that a company that does not enter this mobile dynamic, in which services are offered on mobile devices, processes are carried out there and communication between all the actors involved in the business is bound to not keep pace with the digital age. uses this type of resource.

To give you an idea, the average human has already joined smartphones to perform daily tasks. Far beyond social networks, today cell phones and tablets are used to pay bills, make purchases, book movie tickets, check-in with airlines, maintain personal and professional relationships.

And as a company is made up of people, it is necessary to adapt the corporate environment so that it adheres to the social context produced by the group of individuals that compose it and by others who are outside – as a customer, supplier, competitor, or partner.

Given this scenario, this post addresses the importance of mobile applications for companies. Those who believe that this is the way to innovate business models – and those who are still not convinced of that too! – are invited to this reading!


1. The importance of worrying about mobile apps these days

To convince a manager that something needs to be done, it is best to present him with statistics. And the numbers on cellphone growth and the mobile app market show that the market is moving in one direction: business growth is within reach, at the touch of a screen on a mobile device.

A survey conducted by Millward Brown and NetQuest, at the request of the Mobile Marketing Association, last year, showed that we use cell phones for more than three hours a day, on average, to perform different activities, such as accessing emails, research various subjects, browse the internet and make calls.

When the spotlight is directed at young people of the so-called millennial generation, the average rises to four hours connected to a mobile device. In addition, the brand of use of about eight apps a week, with the increasing volume of downloads of mobile programs, shows the power that the mobile application development market is becoming.

With so much time dedicated to the use of equipment, it is clear to companies that it can (and should) be used as an instrument to approach their stakeholders, marketing actions, customer engagement, and the sale of products and services.

And even when the core business does not have an individual customer as an end customer, it is essential to explore mobile applications to optimize tasks, automate processes, smooth communication between employees and departments, digitize documents, provide security for transactions, among other features.


2. Why invest in a mobile application for the company?

Agility and responses in line with the needs of each client are what is expected of a company. In the digital age, this goal can be more easily achieved when technological resources are adopted to transform the reality of the business.

If previously Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science solutions were exclusive to desktop computers, based on robust physical resources, today the cloud allows a consolidated technology park to be available, in a way, on a smartphone.

It is transparent to the user, but from the moment mobile solutions are accessed on the screen, a high-performance infrastructure is, somewhere in the world, at the service of that application in use.

This possibility should be used by companies for different needs, including those that depend on real-time data analysis, to support decision making.

On the side of interactions between employees and between the company and its customers, it is necessary to evolve from applications such as WhatsApp to mobile software developed for the corporate reality, with all the requirements for security, availability, performance, and positive user experience.

Having mobile applications that become utility tools optimizes various processes, such as sales flow, viewing documents and other media, instant communication, performing complex calculations, videoconferencing, monitoring indicators, managing team productivity, empowering sales teams, among many other utilities with a business focus.

Thus, little by little mobile applications are becoming true service platforms, adding value to the entire value chain of a business. Discover the advantages of corporate mobile apps in the next topic!


3. Benefits of corporate apps for your business

In addition to updating the business model for what the current market expects, that is, offering features that make life easier for users, reduce obstacles and response time, the benefits of using mobile applications are:

  • agility in the execution of diverse activities;
  • intuitive visualization of management information;
  • practicality in sales processes and closing contracts;
  • remote inventory consultation;
  • usability, based on friendly interfaces;
  • good user experience;
  • timeliness in data collection;
  • ease in data analysis;
  • mobility to access work remotely, without geographical or temporal limits;
  • time management;
  • team management, task distribution, and team productivity monitoring;
  • monitoring of management indicators;
  • real-time data analysis;
  • cost rationalization, with the simplification of processes;
  • greater business visibility, with reinforcement of the brand’s digital presence;
  • release time for managers and employees for relevant business issues.

For all these reasons, investment in mobility solutions is vital, as a factor of competitive advantage, business modernization, and survival in an environment that is eager for constant innovations. The fact is that the world has become mobile and, more than a challenge, this transformation must be seen as an opportunity.

Having this increase in day-to-day business is possible even for organizations that are not IT or that do not have a consolidated IT department. There are companies specialized in the development of mobile applications on the market, based on the mapping of processes and the reality and needs of each enterprise.

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