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New Technologies in Solar Power Systems



New Technologies in Solar Power Systems

It always gets exciting when technology brings something new. Solar energy technologies have evolved a lot since the 1960s. People use them not only for commercial purposes but residential as well. The solar energy industry is a dynamic market. Several new technologies are making their way through the market.

Even 2020 is proving to be a lucky year for solar energy. These technologies are shaping the future of solar power systems. Want to know how? If you want to learn about the new trends and technologies in solar power systems, read our article.


Solar Skin Designs

People are concerned about changing their rooftop outlook while installing solar panels. A new venture has a solution for this. It allows aesthetically pleasing designs to use as solar skin. These solar skins allow you to have a customized outlook that matches with your roof. You can also order customized solar skins.


Gallium Arsenide

A new material called gallium arsenide can make solar cells three times more efficient. It optimizes the sunlight captured, thus converting more of it into electricity. This makes it more efficient than the existing products in the market. The research was done at Imperial College University in London.


Floating Solar Panels

They are also known as Floating Photovoltaic (FPV). Floating solar panels are designed in a way so they can float over water bodies such as dams, reservoirs, and other waterways. They give high solar panel performance without any loss of valuable land space.


Another solar system benefit is that water gives a cooling effect on the solar equipment. Floating solar cells also produce huge amounts of energy without covering the land. However, it may be costly.


BIPV Solar Panels

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) blends into your building seamlessly. They can be used as canopies, walls, roofs, and skylight systems. BIPV looks aesthetically pleasing and gives a modern look.

Of course, BIPV is expensive when it comes to cost. However, you can save on building materials by replacing them with BIPV solar panels.


Transmission Of Solar Power From Space

Research conducted by the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) plans to transmit the solar energy from the earth orbit to the earth. They plan to put the solar battery in orbit (nearly 36,000 km) above the earth. This battery would generate enough power to transmit it via lasers. Scientists believe that this can potentially solve environmental and energy problems.


Solar Water Purifier

Water purifiers powered by solar energy were there in the past too. However, it was not efficient enough and used to take a long time to purify water. Stanford University researchers, along with the Department of Energy, have developed a solar water purifier.

This purifier is a minuscule tablet that absorbs the visible light. It just takes a few minutes to purify the water and make it ready for drinking.


Cadmium Telluride To Replace Silicon

While most of the solar cells are made of silicon, the next-generation solar cells may include a thin film. This thin film is called cadmium telluride. Cadmium would be capable of producing more power with better efficiency at a much cheaper rate.


Solar Fabric Technology

Solar is also playing its part in textiles. While we had watches and phones with solar energy in the past. Solar energy is now being incorporated into textiles. So, you get energy wherever you go.

Solar fabric technology has made it possible to keep you warm or recharge your phone on the go. It also has uses in home curtains and car sheets. Few army projects are also working on manufacturing solar robotic tents.


Solar Tracking mounts

A limited amount of electricity generation was a matter of the past. Thanks to the solar tracking mounts. They allow positioning the solar panels according to the sun’s movement across the sky. There is a change in tilt and angle of the solar arrays allowing maximum reception of sun rays.

Because radiation travels in straight lines, collectors should be positioned to receive maximum rays. Solar tracking mounts produce more energy for a day.


Wrap Up

Solar energy has a long list of new technological inventions. It can benefit you, whether you are looking for residential or commercial purposes. Science is playing a major role in developing new technologies each year. And, we look forward to many more inventions.

If you are looking to explore your options for solar energy, you can check out solar energy services providers online. Also, let us know what other solar innovations you know about.