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Online Training For Law Enforcement



online training for law enforcement

Whether you are an officer or just interested in the field, there is no shortage of online training options. These programs offer various topics, from crime analysis to community policing.

These programs are a great way for police officers to get the education they need. They also allow them to take courses on their own time, which is ideal for busy officers with families or full-time jobs.


With a high turnover rate among law enforcement officers, training and education can sometimes be nudged to the sidelines. However, in today’s complex world, educating the next generation of officers is essential to any agency’s strategy to succeed.

Online learning can help academe meet these challenges. APUS, for instance, offers several online certificate programs designed to help prepare students for further studies or to build career skills.

The school’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Law Enforcement Leadership program, for example, allows students to study entirely online while also working full-time or pursuing another degree. It requires 120 credit hours and four years of study to complete.

APUS’s online undergraduate law enforcement leadership degree is particularly beneficial to students who currently work as police officers but want to upgrade their licenses. It is also a good choice for current police officers who have an associate degree but want to pursue a four-year degree.

Wake Tech

Part of the North Carolina Community College System, Wake Tech is the state’s largest community college. It serves more than 70,000 students through six campuses (a seventh campus is under construction), three education and training centres, several community sites and various online learning options.

Wake Tech offers over 250 associate degrees, diplomas and certificates that prepare students for university transfer or immediate employment. More than half of these programs can be completed completely online.

Designed with law enforcement officers in mind, online courses are accessible 24 hours a day and offer scheduling flexibility that fits around full-time employment. The courses also allow for continuous education that boosts productivity and leads to career advancement.

The BLET Academy at Wake Tech combines practical instruction with an ethics component to prepare candidates for entry-level law enforcement employment. It is a commission-mandated 640-hour training program and requires cadets to pass the BLET state exam.

Vector Solutions

With a mission to change the world by providing revolutionary technology solutions that elevate performance, inspire professionals and save lives, Vector Solutions provides mission-critical software and content that equips everyday heroes in public safety, municipalities and public works, K-12 and higher education.

Online training for law enforcement is a key component to keeping officers trained and ready to perform. It also reduces liability and helps keep agencies in compliance with State requirements and procedures.

Vector Solutions offers a variety of online courses that help meet your agency’s annual police training needs. These video-based courses feature real-life scenarios and engaging lessons with learner interactions to improve comprehension.

The use of force is a crucial aspect of police work, but it can be challenging to decide when and how to use force. TargetSolutions’ course on using force equips law enforcement officers with the knowledge to decide when it is necessary and the legal limits to using force.

Law Enforcement Learning

If you’re an officer and want to sharpen your skills online, Law Enforcement Learning is a great option. This accredited online program offers 14-week courses that allow you to customize your path toward lifelong learning.

The program’s curriculum includes active listening and observation skills. This helps officers pay attention to details around them and interpret their needs accurately.

This skill is especially important in a police force where it’s common to have conversations with people experiencing mental illness. In CIT training, officers hear stories from peers and family members who have lived with mental illness, which can help them identify and interact with people in crisis.

Another benefit of this online program is the fact that it’s accessible to officers around the world. No matter where you are, you can take the courses at your own pace and in a convenient, comfortable online environment.