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Overcome Your Fears and Build That App Today



Overcome Your Fears and Build That App Today
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Don’t allow the numbers to hold you back. Millions of apps are already in the market, but you too can get a piece of cake that is the billions in-app sales monthly.

You need not look far, and you will observe that everybody is on their smartphone. This is the digital era but to put it more precisely; this is the mobile phone era. As we have seen with other technologies in the past, the mobile phone era won’t last forever, but you can’t predict what comes next or what it evolves into. The fact remains with more and more internet services; smartphones are here to stay.

The Age of the Mobile

You need to evaluate where you stand as an entrepreneur in the mobile digital space. Do you fall in the app CEO category or do you fall in the brick and mortar space? Are you available only on the web? Have you always thought about getting into apps but didn’t quite know how? You aren’t alone, and you’re probably still doing fine, but you can do a lot better if you tap into the opportunities available in the app space.

Starting point

Let us assume you already see the need for an app and you already have a big idea somewhere in your head. The natural expectation here is that you need to go learn how to code so you can build the app yourself, right? Well, that’s completely wrong. This is akin to expecting to build your own house with your own hands all by yourself.

If you think about it, you already have an idea of what your dream house would look like. You can get supplies that you need from the hardware store, and you can even get rash courses online on how to build. There are so many available online.

You can achieve this and build your own house but it will take ages to get it done by yourself, and the structural integrity of the house might be in question


It’s simple really. If you’re not a pro, hire someone who is. There are so many people out there who are very capable and can help you build your app. These people are professionals, and they can deliver in a very good time too. The bright side is that, with the right methodology, it shouldn’t cost anywhere near that $50,000 you thought it would cost you to execute your idea.

If you fail to hire someone who knows exactly what he is doing and is good at it, you’re are setting yourself up for a very terrible journey.

It takes years to fully master coding. Granted you can put something together just by learning a few things and exploiting other tools that help you get certain results, but that still equates to a hobby. So if you’re not in the app business today simply because you feel you need to learn to code, it is time you just face the reality that maybe you are just scared.


These fears can manifest in different ways. ‘Learning to code’ is just one of such manifestations. Some other people have a genuine fear of success which we know as imposter syndrome while others simply cannot delegate tasks and want to be in total control of every aspect. All of this translates to fear basically.

The best way to fight fear in your business is simply to take a close look at it. Is this fear rational or reasonable? Should you be afraid? If so, what can you do about it? If there is a problem with your idea, get on it and fix it. If not, move on.

Find someone who is more experienced to guide and mentor you through the process. Hire a professional to build it for you and simply move past your fear. When it comes down to it, there probably isn’t any reason to fear so just go ahead and build your app even as you know nothing about coding.

There are so many apps earning staggering amounts of money in the major app stores, and as a business person, you need to position yourself to get your piece of the pie.

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