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Perfect Match: Clover POS and Your Pizza Shop



Pizza Shop

You love running your pizza shop, which is why you’re dedicated to making it the best restaurant possible. Optimal efficiency and customer convenience are important to you. What if there was a POS system that could help you streamline processes and maximize profit? Fortunately, the new Clover system is designed to do just that.


Take Reservations With Ease

One of the top POS devices, the Booker Clover, allows you to schedule reservations and take payments all on one easy-to-use system. Having all the features on one device means quicker interactions with customers, as employees don’t have to switch systems to meet all service needs. The Booker is even connected to the internet, allowing you to update the calendar from anywhere.


Organize Tables and Orders

Not only do Clover devices allow you to maintain a calendar, but they can also facilitate communication between front of house and back of house employees. With features such as Tables and Orders, serving staff can easily take and make changes to orders. The immediate connection means you’re better able to deliver the caliber of service customers expect.


Take Advantage of Maximum Mobility

The Cloverflex is specifically designed for mobility, which makes it the perfect choice for waitstaff. Designed to be handheld, it boasts a five-inch touch screen that makes system navigation easy despite the smaller size.

The quick service and friendly interactions of waitstaff make a huge difference to patrons. Looking after customers and running food nonstop can be challenging, so why not support your service employees with the best technology?


Track Your Inventory Efficiently

Fresh ingredients are a must when crafting a truly great pizza, so you’re probably concerned about keeping an accurate inventory. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’re missing ingredients at the last moment, or that food you thought was fresh has passed the expiration date.

The Clover Flex can save you money (not to mention a major headache) by streamlining your inventory process. Equipped with a QR code scanner and internet connectivity, you can use the Clover Flex to update your records in real-time without the risk of human error.


Offer Convenient Payment Options

There are so many ways to manage money nowadays, and customers expect the maximum convenience when it comes time to pay. Clover POS systems are equipped to process a number of different payment types:

  • Cash
  • E-commerce payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Gift cards
  • Debit and credit cards

No matter how your customer chooses to cover their check, Clover can quickly take care of their payment.


Generate Analytical Reports

A lot of what goes into making your shop great actually goes unseen by customers. You need solid data and reporting tools to know where your restaurant stands and identify any changes that need to be made. Clover systems not only track vital transaction information but provide tools to organize and analyze data into easy-to-understand reports.

Truly great merchant solutions should do more than calculate register totals. POS software and hardware should conform to your business’s needs and enhance the experience for customers. When it comes to your pizzeria, don’t settle for less — get a POS system that makes your job easier and your enterprise better.