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Raising the Bar for Business Transformation: Relativity’s Focus on Innovation and Integrity



Relativity is a leading business transformation company based in Clearwater, Florida that specializes in helping organizations in the banking, insurance, insurance brokerage, real estate, and distribution industries increase earnings, efficiency, and exit value through innovative technology and unwavering commitment to integrity. They have a strong track record of delivering exceptional results, with 100% project success, no delays, repeat business from every client, zero client churn, and zero employee attrition. As a result, they have increased their monthly revenue by 3209% in the past 16 months.

Relativity’s specialties include business transformation, process, and technology modernization and optimization, proprietary technology to increase earnings and exit multiples, and increasing scale without increasing headcount. They also offer expertise in automation, data warehousing, engineering, reporting, analytics, insights, cloud migration or optimization, cybersecurity, and increasing IT returns. They can complete projects 2-3 times faster than competitors due to their innovative approach and advanced intellectual property. Due diligence projects take Relativity 1-2 months, compared to the industry standard of 3-6 months. System buildouts are completed in 4-6 months, compared to the industry standard of 12-18 months.

Relativity evaluates business contexts through in-depth due diligence and provides recommendations based on cost-benefit analysis in order to achieve superior results and exceed client expectations. They focus on integrity, simplicity, and excellence, and pride themselves on demystifying business transformation and rigorously focusing on business results. Their mission is to deliver 8, 9, or 10-figure business value to each and every one of their clients through long-term partnerships and a focus on their clients’ top business priorities.

About Relativity:

Relativity is a leading business transformation company that helps enterprises and middle-market companies increase profits and efficiency through innovative technology. They have an exceptional track record, including a 100% project success rate, no delays, zero client churn, and zero employee attrition. Their innovative approach and intellectual property allow for multiplicatively faster project execution with superior quality. They have grown exponentially in the past 16 months due to outstanding client results. Relativity’s expert team and commitment to integrity, simplicity, and excellence drive the delivery of outstanding results through long-term partnerships focusing on top business opportunities.

If you’re facing a major technology challenge or opportunity as an enterprise or middle-market company in the insurance, banking, real estate, distribution, or tech industries, contact Relativity at to see how they can help you achieve your business goals.

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