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Starting off with iOS Development: Best Resources to Start Learning



Starting off with iOS Development: Best Resources to Start Learning

In the world where technology is replacing the need of human hands significantly, it becomes necessary to adapt to the changes and make use of skills that can build the machines to ease up the tasks done through technology. Keeping the same in mind, the development of mobile applications is done to ensure the smartphone users are provided most on their devices which can make their everyday routine work easier. With the increasing demand for such applications, the requirement for expert developers is rising with leaps and jumps.

The primary platforms considered for mobile app development are Android and iOS. Despite Android holding major market share, iOS has earned its place by providing a secure and reliable system to work upon. Therefore, the requirement for iOS developers in the industry is pretty much high as the technology insists on best development practices when developing an application. The industry experts have predicted the upcoming trend of mobile app development which includes the requirement for experts who can support in developing applications that can be launched on the iOS operated devices.

Resources to Start Learning iOS development

As the internet has eased up many tasks, learning is no exception. However, finding the right content is difficult due to the availability of many resources on the internet. Therefore, here are the best resources that are selected and tried at their best that can help beginners to start off with learning iOS development.

Developing iOS 11 Apps With Swift

by Stanford

Dedicated for total beginners, the course introduces you to the basics of programming an iOS application including the basics of object-oriented programming. The course is well-versed by Stanford, one of the reputed sources for education and learning which gives it pretty much advantage over other courses. The course includes a basic introduction to iOS programming languages and tools, which further levels to advance. All over, the course is good to start off with if you are just a beginner in this field. Also, the course is availed at zero fees, i.e., it is made available for free.

Intro to App Development With Swift

by Apple Education

The course is offered for free and is set to target the beginner audience who is supposed to learn iOS programming from scratch. It includes the basic concepts of designing and developing applications. Also, it amazingly provides a practical guide to using the tools and features of it extensively to start off with efficient developing. 

As the user interface plays a vital role in developing a great app, the course introduces you to the fundamentals of creating a great app which can help you create an amazing app experience. As the companies look to hire ios developer who is excellent at developing such amazing applications, it gives a plus point when you are looking for a job in a reputable industry where the fundamentals are given priority.

Hacking with Swift

As the development approaches are adapting to newer technologies, Swift has become the next ideal language for developing iOS applications, considering Objective C first. As Swift brings up newer and better changes in the programming approach used, many developers are turning their heads towards using Swift for their programming needs. Therefore, this resource provides a clear understanding of using Swift for programming an application that runs on iOS devices. The resource is free to use and provides an in-depth view of features and functionalities offered by Swift.

Learn to Design and Code Swift Apps

The course offered here covers the entire development process, from fundamental to the deployment. Many developers also prefer to use this as it provides a better view of programming by including every advanced concept for programming an app using Swift. Charging $9/month, the course is designed in a great way to take you from zero to hero. Including the fundamentals of XCode, the course advances gradually at each level. Including the instructions for deploying the developed app, the course offers many advantages over others. In essence, this course is value for money, for sure.

Here only a few of the best are listed down but there are more than enough courses available in the market for you to start learning the development. As there are many to choose from, searching for and selecting the best becomes important for you to save time when you are learning. Breaking the general myth of free courses not being good, the above mentioned free courses help to learn much more than many paid courses out there. As the majority of iOS app development is leaning towards the use of Swift, it is advisable to start learning Swift right away when there still is time.

With the help of any of the courses listed here, you can start with learning the development and ensure you become the developer this industry is craving for with your earned experience in developing excellent applications.

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