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Tech Companies Championing the Use of Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is definitely the biggest revolution in the tech industry. With various applications cutting across various industries (including digital capital sales, as undertaken by companies), AI is beginning to pervade every aspect of our lives. However, while a lot of people are having issues with finding its place, a few companies have been able to integrate it and are already enjoying the benefits. To wit, we take a look at some of the latter and how they’re making AI work into their operations:


Baidu is known as the Chinese Google. Worth $55 billion and headquartered in Beijing, Baidu is working on the integration of artificial intelligence with speech recognition with the project known as Deep Speech 2.


ElonMusk’s transformational transportation conglomerate makes use of AI in the development of practical maps, hanks tot real-time data gotten from the company’s radar and camera. By doing this, they’re able to effectively reduce the incidence of auto crashes, especially with their flagship autopilot vehicles by about 50%. Now, Tesla vehicles are coming off the assembly line, with a promise of self-driving now a present reality.


Alphabet is the holding home company for the entirely of Google firms, and the company makes use of artificial intelligence in virtually all of its applications and platforms. For instance, well over 20% of searches made on Google are voice-generated, with users using Google’s voice-recognition system. However, perhaps one of the major claims to artificial intelligence fame made by Alphabet will be the emergence of Deep Mind as the world’s most prominent Go Player.


The entire essence of NVidia’s fame will have to be “AI on a chip”. The development of its “AI in a box” sets applications like virtual reality programs, self-driving (which Tesla, the company’s client, makes use of) as well as safer applications for UAV. NVidia chips make it possible for machines (such as robots and drones) to adapts to the environment around them in real-time, thanks to the wonders of local processing.


Facebook might have been made popular in recent times for the Oculus Rift offer, but the Mark Zuckerberg-owned company was also able to apply AI in many of its endeavors.


DidiChuxing actually just acquired Uber China, but a lot of people don’t know that out of the company’s 5000 employees, a few hundred are actively working with artificial intelligence. The company’s transportation efficiency system is capable of generating 70 terabytes of data on a daily basis, all of which come from the 14 million-plus rides that are undertaken in the same time period (note that both numbers are steadily growing). The company has been able to focus their artificial intelligence efforts on smart routing, the optimization of energy, and the limitation of traffic congestion around their routes.


Bill Gates’ baby just started a business unit that comprises a little around 5000 people this unit is dedicated to the use of AI across a wide array of business lines. According to SatyaNadella (Microsoft’s CEO), AI will be inserted and incorporated into everything that the company offers across all their platforms and experiences.


Improbable is an operating system based in London, and they simulate reality with the use of deep earning and artificial intelligence. As oppose to seeding the platform with approaches based on machine learning, Improbable is working on an operating system that will allow users to write the rules of their reality and affect these rules.


The manufacturing conglomerate based in Germany has been focused on the development of AI, as they see it as the path to profit and revenue growth going forward. Bosch has predicted that by making use of predictive maintenance based on machine learning and self-monitoring, they will be able to raise revenue by a billion and save another billion in expenses from the next generation.


IBM seems to be betting their entire existence on the development of AI.

The tech giant might be struggling with 17 straight quarters of successive decline in revenue generation, but the company remains adamant in their pursuit of growth in artificial intelligence. As part of this effort, the company has acquired companies like the Weather Company and Truven Health Analytics in order to train and develop Watson, its flagship AI.

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