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Testing 5G Technology in Several Polish Cities



Testing 5G Technology in Several Polish Cities

Mobile operators are testing 5G technology in several Polish cities. Will there really be a higher density of masts sending 5G technology? The forest of receivers?

There is a grain of truth in every such fake news. There will be more density, but no masts, only transmitters. Remember that our phone is also a transmitter. The whole architecture of the 5G network really is that there is a high density of transceiver devices. They will be as small receivers as in our mobile phones. The 5G structure will be based on nano cells. The devices using will work on shorter wavelengths and hence the need for their more dense deployment. We can compare waves to waves of light. If we compare the LTE network that works today with a reflector, then I would compare the 5G network to a network of small light bulbs. We will have a forest of receivers, but completely different from those currently operating.


Will we fry like sausages in the microwave under the influence of 5G? That’s what the critics of the technology say.

The frequencies are in the same range, but their strength will be lower. We are talking about a much weaker wave than the one operating in our microwaves. What causes water to vibrate in food in the case of a microwave oven is not allowed to cause vibrations through the waves of 5G transmitters. Compare this to the environmental factor: Niagara Falls is different from summer rain. The influence of each factor depends on its strength.


So 5G waves will not be strong enough to harm our health?

Their power will not be strong enough. In the case of waves, we talk about power.


Are there studies that confirm this?

Yes. One thing to say is that these are not studies that study network or 5G technology, but the phenomenon of waves.


But 5G technology seems unexplored. Just like its impact on our health.

It is not true that this technology has not been tested. It is based on the same physical phenomena on which the devices we use for years are based. There has been a lot of research around the world regarding magnetic waves. The conclusions are: it cannot be said that the electromagnetic field at radio frequencies is safe for our health, but there is no reason to conclude that it is dangerous. No effects of these waves on the human body have been proven. The only measurable effect is a slight thermal effect, i.e. an increase in body temperature by 0.1 degrees Celsius if we talk on the phone for a long time. We feel our cheek warming up.

This is the current state of knowledge. WHO, the World Health Organization, which divides carcinogens into several categories, says that we have those that we do not know if they are harmful, those that can be and those that are certainly harmful. Electromagnetic waves are in this first category, like aloe. In the second category, we have red meat. So, I would be calm and not get caught up in the anti-5G narrative.


Some Members use the term “genocide” to refer to those who allow this technology.

We try to respond to such allegations. It is very easy to fuel fears, build a narrative on emotions: on the fear of the unknown, on distrust. We answer factually: there is no evidence of the harmfulness of magnetic waves.


Do we have an agenda for introducing 5G in Poland? We have an EU recommendation that by 2020 at least one city is to be covered by this technology in every country.

Yes. In Poland, we will allocate frequencies through tenders.


Are they already underway?

No. The first is planned for the turn of 2019/2020. After the holidays, the Office of Electronic Communications begins the process of preparing requirements for submitting tender documentation. Frequencies are to be allocated to operators in the middle of next year. Intenders, we will impose obligations on operators that those who buy these frequencies will have to cover one city in 2020.


Will it be one or several operators?

We currently have 4 operators. I don’t expect any of them to want to give up.


Are the costs for operators or for the state?

On the operator’s side, because this is business.


Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs Karol Okoński talked to us about pressure on Poland not to use the technology of the Chinese company Huawei. What stage are we at now?

Poland’s position on 5G network security was sent to the European Commission. The declared date at the EC level for taking the final decision regarding Huawei admission is October. We are all thinking about the security of data transmission. The conclusions of the documents sent by Poland are such that it is reasonable that mobile operators do not use the equipment of only one supplier. The second recommendation is that the device certification system should operate at EU level. Therefore, before we allow a particular operator’s device, we must test it by accredited institutions.


What will the 21st-century city look like with 5G?

The internet will not break, I hope. We do not realize how many devices use the network: telephones, household appliances, banking, in future cars. Companies will probably release smart bulbs. Today, we are not aware of the huge number of devices on the network. Returning from the airport, after the journey, we will issue orders, what is going to happen in our apartment, what devices are to work to prepare the house for our return. The biggest advantage of 5G is going to be the wireless network speed which is expected to be 100 times faster than the current 4G standard. This high speed will enable new technologies and will let us do many things which are currently not possible.

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