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The Best 5 Ways To Improve Your Internet Speed



Improve your internet speed

 Talking to Improve your internet speed You are not alone if you are tired of buffering or lag in your video. Anyone who works from home knows how frustrating it is to have a slow internet connection. It takes forever to send files, download and upload images from the Internet, or even load a new page to read without Internet speed.


We have good news for you: you can take a few easy steps to speed it up. You can do a few things around your house, your computer, and the router itself to increase your download speed – you might be surprised at how much speed you gain.


If you want to check your Internet speed, we suggest you use, this website’s online speed test tool. Once you open this tool, the tool will automatically calculate your Internet speed and show the accurate result in no time. 


Let’s return to the topic; the following are the ways you should follow to improve your internet speed.

Test Different Modem/Router

In most cases, a bad modem is responsible for slow internet speed. Therefore, the first thing you should do if you experience frequent internet dropouts and attribute them to your Internet Service Provider is checked whether your modem suits your chosen plan and provider.


The easiest way to find out is to contact your internet service provider; they’ll provide you with a list of compatible modems. Moreover, if you rent a modem from your ISP, it will be compatible with your purchased internet service.


However, if you wish to own your modem, the manual and description usually list the service providers with whom the modem is compatible. So make sure you check that before making any purchases.

Move the Router to an Elevated Spot

It is important to keep in mind that the location of your Wi-Fi router has a significant impact on the strength of the signal. To get the best Wi-Fi signal, place the device in an open, high space with few obstructions. As long as your router is on the ground, the Wi-Fi signals will travel horizontally along the floor and reach fewer areas of your residence.


If you live in a multi-level home, you can improve the signal and increase your internet connection speed by placing your router on the second floor. However, when your router is placed too close to materials such as concrete or brick, it may not be able to transmit signals throughout your home effectively. The greater the signal loss will become as the number of objects around your wireless router increases.

Use an Ethernet Cable

You can access the Internet from anywhere using Wi-Fi, but not all Wi-Fi connections are reliable and secure. Using an Ethernet cable will provide you with the speed, security, and energy efficiency you need. 


Try moving your desk to within cable distance of the modem or router if you have a great laptop or desktop with an Ethernet connection. An Ethernet adapter may be required if you have a device without a wired Ethernet connection (such as a MacBook Air). But by using the Ether cable, you can use a fast Internet connection if your Internet connection limit is good.

Restart Your Modem/Router

The modem should be turned off for one minute and then on again. This process is known as power cycling and can often resolve several problems that affect your performance.


You may even wish to reconfigure your modem with a new password, often allowing you to refresh your settings at the end of your ISP and re-establish your connection.


You should turn your modem off and on at least once a month. If your internet speed is really slow, you need to try resetting your modem every day if you are experiencing serious problems. 

Buy a Newer and High-Quality Router

You may be experiencing the most difficulty connecting to the Internet through your home’s Wi-Fi network due to an aging router. However, purchasing a new router has numerous benefits so you will be investing in more than just faster Internet.


Furthermore, a new router can provide improved security features and be compatible with a wider range of devices. A greater level of security and compatibility benefits homeowners who wish to automate their homes or enhance the security of their networks.


Remember that the Wi-Fi router is an essential factor in determining the internet speed in your home. Following these tips, you can maximize your home Wi-Fi signal and enjoy faster Internet at home. However, after trying these suggestions, if you still need to receive the speed you need, it may be time to look for a new internet service.